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Professional information and methods for development plastic, wooden, plaster, paper, and steel buildings. contains roofing, portray, weathering, and detailing details.

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GRAY STONE OR CONCRETE COLOR Here's a formula for a good basic concrete color. this mix over walls, sidewalks, or foundations. Patterns can be introduced into the concrete Brush by swirling and texturing the paint using a brush. — the stiff the brush, the rougher the tex- stiffer Basic concrete color 3 Parts white flat latex paint Grumbacher tube-type Matte Medium 1/2 Parts 1 Part acrylic gray you want even more texture, add small matte medium. If the results are not as flat as you like omit the matte medium and add 1/2 part talcum powder.

Droppings. Don't overdo the droppings, unless you're Next, cut a stencil for the lettering. The best mateartist's the stencil is something clear drafting Mylar is ideal, but thin clear acetate is just as good. Waxed paper would probably work, too, but make sure you choose something that won't stretch modeling sea gull or distort. Dry-brush the roof sections with Polly S Reefer White or Antique white. I like Antique White for the overall dry-brushing treatment, and Reefer White for a few streaks near the roof peak to represent bird territory.

PAINT BEFORE ASSEMBLY only to moisture but even to Principle No. 1 in building any model, regardless of the material, is to paint as many parts as you can before assembly. There will always be times when you're tempted to forgo pre-painting to get started with the enjoyable business of putting parts together, but you'll invariably save time and effort, as well RUB-PAINTING as come up with better results, if you paint most of the parts before you reach for the glue. STAINING its own WOOD WITH thinner, Dio-Sol.

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