By Sri Sadhu Om, Michael James

After Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi left the physique in 1950, a lot of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees got here to acknowledge Swami Sadhu Om, the writer of this publication, not just as one of many ideal disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi, but in addition as anyone with the infrequent present of explaining Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings in a simple, transparent and straightforward demeanour that may be simply understood and in addition simply practiced through all honest seekers of actual Self-knowledge.Thus lots of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees started to procedure Sri Sadhu Om looking rationalization of all elements of Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings. This additionally incorporated between different issues the right kind use of the tactic of Self-inquiry in one's practice.This e-book is ready The Essence of religious perform. This booklet is full of suggestion, guidance and tips in the direction of find out how to make your religious perform, in particular the perform of Self-inquiry, Self-awareness and Self-attention extra effective.Sri Sadhu Om spent 5 years within the corporation of Sri Ramana Maharshi and many years within the corporation of Sri Muruganar.

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Only those who abide firmly in the reality (sat) are Sages (Sadhus); those pure Sages are not other than Self, whose nature is realityconsciousness-bliss (sat-chit-ananda). Knowing the truth, that Arunachala is manifest here as the peerless gross form of the reality, remain here in order to associate with the reality. Note: There is no form of external conscious company (sat-sanga) superior to that of residing near and doing pradakshina (circumambulation) around Arunachala. The Essence of Spiritual Practice 23 64.

46. Trying to destroy the three desires while retaining the ego, the feeling “I am this body”, which is the root of all rising, is utter foolishness, just like trying to cross a river riding upon a crocodile as a raft. The destruction of the ego, the original sin, is alone the destruction of the threefold fire of desire. ” 15. The Way to Attain Good Qualities 47. If one wishes to attain all the elevated and pure qualities (sattva-gunas) by training the mind, one will certainly fail in one’s attempts, no matter how long one may try.

If the seer, who is an unreal ego, rises, then only will all the unreal objects other than “I” rise, and seem to exist. 103. The dream-world – and the one who, living there identifying a dream-body as “I,” and sees that dream-world – both together constitute the dream. The waking state is also like that; that is, not only this seemingly vast world that is perceived in front of us, as if existing as other than us, and also we, the jiva who sees this waking world, both together constitute the appearance of this dream, which is called the waking state.

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