By Andrew Sneddon

What makes an occasion count number as an motion? common solutions entice the best way the development used to be produced: e.g., possibly an arm move is an motion whilst because of psychological states (in specific ways), yet now not whilst prompted in alternative ways. Andrew Sneddon argues that this sort of resolution, which he calls "productionism", is methodologically and considerably fallacious. specifically, productionist solutions to this question are typically both individualistic or foundationalist, or either, with out particular defence. as an alternative, Sneddon bargains an externalist, anti-foundationalist account of what makes an occasion count number as an motion, which he calls neo-ascriptivism, after the paintings of H.L.A. Hart. particularly, Sneddon argues that our practices of attributing ethical accountability to one another are no less than partially constitutive of occasions as activities.

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But in everyday talk we do not restrict Smith’s actions to his movements: Because of the accordion effect we can usually replace any ascription to a person of causal responsibility by an ascription of agency or authorship. We can, if we wish, puff out an action to include an effect, and more often than not our language obliges us by providing a relatively complex action word for the purpose. 55 Besides ‘puffing out’ our action descriptions, the accordion can also be contracted: given a description of a complex action, Feinberg thinks we can unproblematically make simple-agency ascriptions to the agent.

146. 48 See Atwell, ‘The Accordion-Effect Thesis’; Donald Davidson, ‘Agency’, In Davidson, Essays on Actions and Events. 49 Feinberg, ‘Action and Responsibility’, pp. 144-7. 50 Feinberg, ‘Action and Responsibility’, p. 144. 51 I refrain from specifying ‘humans’ because we might wish to attribute some sort of agency to complex non-human animals as well. 52 Feinberg, ‘Action and Responsibility’, p. 145. 53 Feinberg, ‘Action and Responsibility’, p. 145. 54 Feinberg, ‘Action and Responsibility’, p.

189. Hart, ‘The Ascription of Responsibility and Rights’, p. 189. 30 Hart, ‘The Ascription of Responsibility and Rights’, p. 191. 31 See Hart, ‘The Ascription of Responsibility and Rights’, pp. 190-1 for examples. 32 Hart’s argument about the defeasibility of legal concepts and the concept of action needs adjustment for the analogy to go through. , ‘murder’. That is, what is really defeasible is the concept of ‘killing’. This entails that action itself is defeasible, but this does not seem to mean much—we always ascribe particular sorts of actions.

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