By Allen I. Laskin (Eds.)

Meant for researchers in utilized microbiology and environmental engineers, this ebook covers such themes as environmental review of biotechnological approaches and microbial alterations of haloaromatic and haloaliphatic compounds.

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EMS C . acetobutylicum EMS, Spon. C . acetobutylicum EMS C . saccharolyticum C . perfringens NNG NNG C . perfringens NNG Mutant characteristics 5-Fluorouracil resistant, rifampicin resistant Leu-, AdeEthanol tolerant Low acid producer Acid tolerant Autolysis deficient Butanol tolerant Arg-, Tyr-, His-, MetStreptomycin resistant, rifampicin resistant, allyl-alcohol resistant Rifampicin resistant and sporulation negative Pyruvate negative A-Toxin - , K-toxin - , hemagglutinin DNase negative Reference Gomez et al.

Traditional gene transfer systems such as transformation, or uptake of extracellular DNA by cells, and conjugation, GENETICS AND BIOCHEMISTRY OF Clostridium 39 requiring DNA exchange during cell-cell contact, are both under study utilizing clostridial plasmids. Also, the development of modern genetic tools such as cloning vectors, expression vectors, and shuttle vectors is dependent upon clostridial plasmids or parts of them. Table V lists most of the plasmids of clostridia described recently. The plasmids of C .

This fascinating complex appears in electron microscopy to be 18 nm in size and is not broken apart by urea treatment. , 1984). Using a gel overlay assay with CMC, eight of these polypeptides were 36 PALMER HOGEHS found to have cellulolytic activity. Interestingly, only the M , 210,000 subunit was found antigenically active to immune serum prepared from whole cells of C . , 1983). I t appears that the CBF is not only responsible for cell adherence to cellulose but also contains a major portion of this cellulolytic enzyme consortium.

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