By Dimitrije E. Panfilov

During the last few a long time the result of facial cosmetic surgery (facelifts) has more suitable dramatically and has additionally had an expanding influence at the caliber of existence for the getting older inhabitants. more youthful sufferers have additionally lately expressed curiosity in person beautification in their good points. This authoritative reference booklet assembles the adventure of a global school of authors, each one of whom has played numerous thousand facelifts, i.e. strategies to rejuvenate and harmonize the human face. All methods during this regard are lined and the textual content is followed via vast art and images. The authors percentage their adventure, together with suggestions and tips, in addition to how you can steer clear of issues and pitfalls. unique emphasis is given to the idea that of the face as a mosaic, i.e. treating its person elements in a harmonic manner and preserving mimic devices. Combining diverse tools, it truly is attainable to enhance the general end result and scale down the aggressiveness of singular approaches, which ends up in fewer hazards and less issues. The booklet is aimed toward plastic surgeons starting to practice facial cosmetic surgery in addition to skilled surgeons, who will enjoy the large and profound adventure of the contributing authors. A kaleidoscope of 363 very important elements, information and tips in facial cosmetic surgery rounds up the presentation. The integrated DVD additional complements the sensible price of the booklet with video clips of tactics played by means of the editor.

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Normally we expect a facial expression as a reaction from another person to a comment we have made. As social beings, we seek emotional and expressive resonance. Sociologically speaking, facial reactions virtually have the effect of a psychotonic drug. A smile or a laugh, for example, can cheer someone up enormously, while on the other hand we regard indifferent stony faces, made as a reaction to an emotional and expressive message of ours, as insulting or offending. The face, as a mysterious medium for conveying attraction and rejection, betrays the identity and the current emotional state of a person.

This is referred to as a “dish face” or a “witch face”. This can be corrected either by protruding the maxilla forwards or by augmentative rhinoplasty and reductive mentoplasty. The opposite extreme of “bird face” can be corrected either by pro- truding operation of the mandibulla or by reductive rhinoplasty and augmentative mentoplasty. The young nice face incorporates a triangular apex which is turned down. When we grow old, this apex turns upwards and the cheeks sag down and build the base of this triangle.

The Frankfurt line goes through the tragus and osteo-cartilaginous junction of the nose and divides the face into the upper and lower half. 618 to be essential for geometric perfection of facial harmony. Steven Hoefflin, a plastic surgeon also from the USA, measures the beauty through oval forms and angles (as one can read in his chapter, Chap. 11). These are useful planimetric and stereometric measurements. It is, however, more difficult to measure the grade of glittering eyes or the warmth of a human smile.

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