By Godfrey Nolan

This brief step-by-step consultant walks you thru unit trying out, mocking and non-stop integration and the way to get those key components operating on your speedy tasks. This e-book additionally appears to be like at tips to write your rapid apps utilizing attempt pushed improvement (TDD).
Agile practices have made significant inroads in iOS improvement, even though it’s very strange to determine whatever as simple as unit trying out on a quick program. performed safely, Agile improvement ends up in an important elevate in improvement potency and a discount within the variety of defects.
Apple has published unit trying out and code assurance frameworks for speedy improvement in XCode. Up in the past getting unit checking out up and working in rapid used to be now not for the faint-hearted. fortunately now, there's no excuse except an absence of knowledge on the place to get started.
iOS builders are confronted with their very own set of difficulties reminiscent of tightly coupled code, fragmentation, immature checking out instruments all of which are solved utilizing current Agile instruments and methods. After utilizing this e-book, you will how one can make your speedy apps agile and sound.
What you'll Learn:

  • How to jot down unit exams in Swift
  • How to write down an software utilizing attempt pushed Development
  • Refactoring
  • Mocking frameworks
  • How to establish and configure a continual Integration Server
  • How to degree code coverage
  • GUI Testing

Who This booklet Is For:
Swift builders and will be cellular app testers will enjoy the counsel during this book.

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Click on the test tab in the Navigator area so you can see the Test Navigator. Run the test by right-clicking on testExample() in the Test Navigator and choosing Test "testExample()". The green arrow indicates that it’s a passing test. You should see the same view as shown in Figure 2-7. 34 Chapter 2 ■ Swift Unit Testing Figure 2-7. testExample test passes We can also see a report on how the tests ran if we right-click again on testExample() in the Test Navigator and choose Jump to report. See Figure 2-8.

Figure 2-21. Debugging tests 49 Chapter 2 ■ Swift Unit Testing Xcode shows the value of each of the variables and you can either Step Into (F7) the called functions or Step Over (F6) code as appropriate. Changing the expected result back to 3 is enough to fix the error. Figure 2-22 shows the Breakpoint tab, which lists all the breakpoints in the test or application code, which can be useful when you have multiple breakpoints set in your code. Figure 2-22. Breakpoint tab Logs If you run into any issues, one of the first places to look is the logs.

Unit tests live in their own test directory and so do not comingle with the application code. They do not test the user interface or view, but use assertions to test your model code. We will test the view code but it will be in a later chapter using the XCUI library. 26 Chapter 2 ■ Swift Unit Testing The structure of a test file is shown in Listing 2-1, where all test classes are subclasses of XCTestCase. Listing 2-1. Test Class Structure class Tests: XCTestCase { override func setUp() { // initialization or setup } func testExample() { // assert and verify } override func tearDown() { // revert to original state } } No matter whether you are writing code in Swift, Objective-C, Java, or C#, all unit testing should use the concept of setup-record-verify.

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