By Richard J. Gaylord

Accompanying the e-book, as with any TELOS subsidized courses, is an digital part. accordingly it's a DOS-Diskette produced via one of many coauthors, Paul Wellin. This diskette contains Mathematica notebooks and applications which comprise the codes for all examples and workouts within the ebook, in addition to extra fabrics meant to increase many principles lined within the textual content. it's of significant price to lecturers, scholars, and others utilizing this ebook to benefit tips to successfully software with Mathematica.

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Numerical and Symbolic Computations Mathematica differs from calculators and simple computer programs in its ability to calculate exact results and to compute to an arbitrary degree of precision. In[l]:= 1/15 + 1/35 + 1/63 1 Out[lJ= 9 In[2]:= 1111111A2 Out{2J= 1234567654321 In[3]:= 9348 * 437 - 923874 A3 + 378/2346 (1283 - 3764) Out{31= - ( 308329439203607096571 391 ) Out{41= 3273390607896141870013189696827599152216642\ 04604306478948329136809613379640467455488\ 32700923259041571508866841275600710092172\ 56545885393053328527589376 Since this last integer contains over 150 digits, the backslash symbol (\) is used as a continuation marker to indicate that the output wraps around to the next line.

To compute Io1r sin{x) dx for example, enter: In[28]:= Integrate[Sin[xl, {x, 0, Pill Out[28]= 2 Some functions do not possess simple anti-derivatives. In[29]:= Integrate[EACos[xl, {x, 0, Pi}] Cos [x] Out[29]= Integrate[E , {x, 0, pi}] 34 I A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF MATHEMATICA This result indicates that Mathematica was unable to integrate this function. Fortunately, numerical integration routines are available to obtain an approximation to such integrals. The Nlntegrate function uses an adaptive algorithm to perform numerical integration.

To start the Function Browser, select Open Function Browser under the Info or Wmdows menu item. You should quickly see something like the following: Notice the three buttons at the top of the Function Browser window. Clicking on the Packages button will give you access to all of the packages that come with each implementation of Mathematica. Similarly, clicking on the Loaded Packages button will give you access to all packages that you have loaded during the current session. 5 Mathematica on X window systems includes a feature called MathBook, which is very similar to the Function Browser.

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