By Wade Hudson

Somebody is sending Anthony pricey presents. whilst Anthony figures out who it truly is, he discovers that his complete international is set to alter. this can be the 3rd booklet of NEATE, a favored center reader sequence that includes five African-American pre-teens.

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We all think there should be an assembly,” Sarah Bernstein jumped in. “Yes, Mr. Epson, I think we should have one today. It doesn’t make much sense for us to not do anything,” Gil spoke up. ” Mr. Epson stared at Gilbert as he stood up from his desk. “No, Mr. Epson,” Gilbert replied undaunted. “We just think the assembly would be another way to deal with the problem we have here. We’re scheduled to have an assembly next week, anyway. ” “I think we can do a lot of good if we talk to the students,” Naimah chipped in.

He wanted a good and sure look. Yes, the man he had seen at school was the — 45 — Anthony’s Big Surprise same man. He didn’t have the long hair and beard that he had in the photo, but he was the same person. Anthony replaced the photo and stretched out across his bed. “Mom lied,” he said softly, as if he didn’t want to admitt it. ” This time he said it more loudly and then banged a fist against the bed. But it did no good. Nothing could make the frustration he felt go away. He lay on his back and stared at the ceiling.

Yeah, where is Mr. ” quipped Eddie. Naimah turned to Sarah and Gilbert. “Thanks for your help, guys. ” Naimah, Liz, Anthony, Tayesha, and Eddie were among the first students in the gymnasium. They watched as most of the white students gathered on one side of the gym while the black students assembled on the other side. The Hispanic students sat toward the back. Before long, the gym was filled. “Shouldn’t you be on stage with Mr. ” Anthony asked Naimah. — 31 — Anthony’s Big Surprise “Yes, I should.

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