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Programming iOS 8: Dive Deep into Views, View Controllers, and Frameworks

Begin construction apps for iOS eight with Apple's speedy programming language. If you're grounded within the fundamentals of Xcode and the Cocoa framework, this ebook presents a based clarification of all crucial real-world iOS app elements. via deep exploration and copious code examples, you'll how you can create perspectives, manage view controllers, and use iOS frameworks for including beneficial properties comparable to audio and video, entry to consumer calendars and photographs, and monitoring the device's position.

Learning Unity Android Game Development

Solidarity five is a revolution in constructing nice video games for Android that offers a good integration platform that works seamlessly with solidarity five, this means that video games could be built faster and more uncomplicated than ever before.

Packed with loads of examples, this publication begins through aiding you to appreciate all of the nice beneficial properties that solidarity five and Android need to supply. you'll then create nice video games like Tic-Tac-Toe and the Monkey Ball video game and in addition discover ways to increase them. you are going to then extend the game's setting with lighting fixtures and a skybox and learn how to create enemies in a tank conflict online game. you are going to then discover the contact and tilt controls with the production of a Monkey Ball clone.

With the activity of a online game just like indignant Birds, you are going to delve into configuring physics and recommendations for a 2nd video game adventure. ultimately, you'll get an entire event by way of studying the optimization options had to continue your video games operating easily.

Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture: 5th ACM Conference Cambridge, MA, USA, August 26–30, 1991 Proceedings

This e-book bargains a entire view of the simplest and the newest paintings in practical programming. it's the complaints of an important foreign convention and includes 30 papers chosen from 126 submitted. a few issues emerge. One is a turning out to be curiosity in varieties: strong kind structures or sort checkers aiding overloading, coercion, dynamic kinds, and incremental inference; linear forms to optimize garage, and polymorphic kinds to optimize semantic research.

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The prototype is char *strchr(char *str, int ch); The function strchr() searches str from left to right until the character ch is found or the terminating null character is found. If ch is found, a pointer to it is returned. If not, NULL is returned. When strchr() finds the character, it returns a pointer to that character. Knowing that str is a pointer to the first character in the string, you can obtain the position of the found character by subtracting str from the pointer value returned by strchr().

CHAPTER 3 PROGRAMMING IN C: A TUTORIAL 57 main() { char dest1[80]; char *dest2, *dest3; printf("\nsource: %s", source ); /* Copy to dest1 is okay because dest1 points to */ /* 80 bytes of allocated space. */ strcpy(dest1, source); printf("\ndest1: %s", dest1); /* To copy to dest2 you must allocate space. */ dest2 = (char *)malloc(strlen(source) +1); strcpy(dest2, source); printf("\ndest2: %s\n", dest2); return(0); } source: The source string. dest1: The source string. dest2: The source string.

Remember that by convention all character arrays are terminated with a `\0'. = '\0'; s++ ) n++; return(n); } You can now see why we have to say what kind of thing s points to -- if we're to increment it with s++ we have to increment it by the right amount. = '\0'; n++ ); The `*s' returns a character; the `++' increments the pointer so we'll get the next character next time around. As you can see, as we make things more efficient, we also make them less clear. But `*s++' is an idiom so common that you have to know it.

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