By Jose Maria Serra-Renom, Jose Maria Serra-Mestre

This atlas offers a concise review of the primary of fats grafting and its medical functions to regard getting older within the significant parts of the face in a minimally invasive demeanour. The authors commence with a quick description of the anatomical foundation of facial getting older and via offering present facial rejuvenation strategies. right here the emphasis is at the means of harvesting and getting ready macro-, micro-, intradermal and nano-fat for injection. due to the book’s quite a few illustrations and brief descriptions, readers will locate precious info on the place and the way to inject the fats mixed with the authors’ person ideas and refinements. getting older is an incredible factor in today’s society. Facial rejuvenation approaches search to augment the ultimate end result and sturdiness of surgical procedure and to reduce drawbacks. the present pattern is to exploit much less invasive equipment requiring fewer incisions, which produce extra natural-looking effects. This atlas exhibits the authors’ own recommendations to assist in attaining that goal.

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11a). Once the fat is well emulsified, we wash it again to remove fatty acids and then aspirate 4 mL of Ringer lactate with the syringe containing the emulsion and shake well. We then decant the emulsion again, and, although more transparent, two layers are now visible: the emulsion on top and the washing liquid on the bottom. We discard the washing liquid and transfer the emulsion to a 1- or 2-mL syringe. 5 mm in diameter to perform filling of the tear trough, for example, or with a 25-G needle (SNIE) in the case of mesotherapy (Fig.

2). 3 8 Temporal Region We sometimes perform fat injections in the temporal region using microfat. We insert a 16G Abbocath catheter and then perform a subcutaneous injection with a cannula Fig. 3 Temporal region. Above, puncture with Abbocath; below, injection of microfat with a blunt cannula Frontal, Temple, and Periorbital Fat Grafting after aspiration and distribute the fat evenly, taking great care not to damage any of the veins (Fig. 3). 4 Injection for Crow’s Feet in External Orbital Rim 53 We then perform SNIF using a needle in the dermalsubdermal plane in each of the wrinkles in fan-shaped tunnels (Fig.

Sudden visual loss and multiple cerebral infarction after autologous fat injection into the glabella. Dermatol Surg. 2014;40:485–7. Part II Techniques and Clinical Applications A How-to Guide on Structural Fat Grafting, Microfat Grafting, SharpNeedle Intradermal Fat, Nanofat Grafting, and Emulsion or Fractioned Fat Depending on the fat graft required, certain modifications are necessary during the fat preparation, processing, and injection. This is especially true in the facial region, where the use of different sizes of fat grafts and the combination of deep injections with a cannula and superficial injections with a needle have improved results—not only in correcting volume depletions but in cases of fine remodeling, as well.

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