By Captain W.E. Johns

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Every one of them will obey my orders, to death if necessary. Secondly, I know the country from Rangoon to Singapore, as I know my face. I know every island off the coast, although there are hundreds. I know the Indian Ocean, every current in it and every wind that blows. I even know the bed of the sea, for I have walked on it, seeking pearls. " A slight frown creased Biggles' forehead. " "Your question is reasonable. I should have told you that when the war began I returned to China to stand by the side of my honourable father.

What a hope we've got," put in Ginger. " "Unless . " Biggles looked at Li Chi. "What about this Major Marling you were telling us about? You say he has rubber hidden on his plantation, which is buried away in the Burmese jungle. " "What sort of country is it? Is it flat . . " "I feel inclined to go and have a look at this place and have a word with Major Marling," said Biggles thoughtfully. " "You could not fly there for there is no landing ground," Li Chi pointed out. "Even the river, the Pak Chan, at its headwaters, is choked with weeds, except for a narrow channel made by canoes.

Two ; by putting on a big fleet of aircraft you might carry the thing through at a rush. I know that sounds attractive, but consider the snags. In the first place it would mean an imposing concentration of big machines at the nearest convenient marine aircraft establishment. The existence of such a concentration would soon be known to the enemy—you can't hope to keep a hundred flying boats under a hat. This air fleet would be watched by enemy reconnaissance machines. When it took off it would be intercepted and attacked.

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