By Ian Von Maltitz

This ebook discusses Pyro golfing intimately, highlighting either its strengths and weaknesses. It additionally assures the reader that you can actually make solid Black Powder utilizing other forms of ball turbines, or even even and not using a ball mill. alongside the best way this publication dispels myths, kills sacred cows, and takes a few relatively irreverent swipes on the self-appointed beginner Black Powder theocracy. For most of these sins its writer is unrepentant and unapologetic.

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Put a match into a pile of flour and it will be extinguished immediately. Light a match in a room with sufficient flour dust in it, and it may be just the last match you light. Why? A pile of flour has so little air mixed with it that the burning match quickly dies from lack of oxygen when immersed in it. Flour dust, however, has a much higher air to flour ratio and enough space between the flour particles to ensure ignition. The same principle applies to the raw ingredients used in Black Powder.

For Black Powder use, activation may come as a mixed blessing. Some activation typically results in the charcoal adsorbing oxygen from the air. This gives a faster reacting charcoal. Too much activation would tend to drive out the volatiles that are essential for better performance. Not all activated charcoals are created equal. They are made from different woods, some with better activation properties than others. Charcoal made from coconut shells is considered to be superior for gas adsorption and certain other chemical adsorption processes.

The Next Step The next step is to measure out the ingredients in their required ratios. If a scale is available these ratios are (by weight): potassium nitrate charcoal sulfur 15 parts 3 parts 2 parts The above ratios are the most often used in Black Powder making. The above formula is known 29 BLACK POWDER M A N U F A C T U R E , TESTING & O P T I M I Z I N G as the Waltham Abbey formula. Waltham Abbey was the location of the Royal Gunpowder Works in Britain. If a scale is not available, then the above ratios can be arrived at approximately by volume as follows: potassium nitrate charcoal sulfur 1/2 3 parts 2 parts part This last method is less accurate and should only be used if a suitable scale cannot be found.

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