By E. V. Sugarbaker, D. N. Seckinger, O. O. Frankfurt (auth.), Prof. Dr. Volker Schirrmacher, Dr. Reinhard Schwartz-Albiez (eds.)

These are the complaints of the second foreign Metastasis Congress of the Metastasis learn Society which came about within the city corridor (Stadthalle) of Heidelberg, FRG, in September, 1988. this primary Metastasis Congress within the FRG used to be prepared along side the German organization of melanoma examine (SEK) of the German melanoma Society. The congress subject generated large curiosity and attracted approximately four hundred scientists from 22 international locations. such a lot contributors got here from Europe, Israel, and the U.S.. Why did we set up the Metastasis Congress? merely approximately 50% of every body who improve a few type of melanoma are curable. regardless of greater sufferer care and more and more leading edge and powerful options for diagnosing and treating fundamental cancers, the advance of secondary melanoma colonies, i. e. , metastasis, can't be avoided and is the foremost reason for dying. within the Federal Republic of Germany there are nonetheless as many as one hundred sixty 000 melanoma sufferers in step with 12 months who succumb to their illness, frequently after sessions of negative pain, and this total determine isn't enhancing. partially as a result complexity of the method, easy learn on metastasis has lagged at the back of different disciplines resembling carcino­ genesis and melanoma genetics. Metastasis formation contains the facility of malig­ nant cells to invade adjoining tissue and to penetrate into lymphatic or blood circulatory platforms, or either, and to unfold to close or far-off websites to shape new tumor colonies. in the meantime, learn on metastasis is receiving a lot attention.

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1987a). The induced level of both invasive and metastatic potential in the transfected BW5147 cells correlated well with the level of expression and amplification of the exogeneous ras gene. V. Schirrmacher, R. ) Cancer Metastasis © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 1989 Genetic Analysis of Invasive and Metastatic Capacity 37 BW5147 cells transfected with nuclear oncogenes, like adenovirus E1A or c-myc, were noninvasive and nonmetastatic. These data and many transfection experiments employing normal NIH3T3 cells indicate that in particular the ras oncogene may be involved in the expression of the metastatic phenotype of tumor cells (for review see Collard et al.

Established fibroblastic cells like Ratl, Rat2 and FR3T3 formed invasive and metastatic tumors with long latency periods (Van Roy et al. 1986; Coopman et al. 1989; Reynolds et al. 1987). Artificial metastasis by Rat2 cells was as efficient as by ras-oncogene-transfected Rat2 cells (same Oncogenes and Tumor Progression: State of the Art 29 number of lung colonies), leading to death in 6 months and in 1 month, respectively (Gao et al. 1987). v. injected cells in the lungs is by no means as fast as often supposed; b) malignant conversion in vivo does occur.

Acknowledgments. The excellent secretarial assistance of I. Stratton and L. Woodcock is gratefully acknowledged. K. is a Terry Fox Scientist of the National Cancer Institute of Canada. References Fidler II (1986) Cancer and Metastasis Rev 5:29-49 Heppner GH, Miller ME, Miller FR (1983) Biochim Biophys Acta 695:215-226 Her/yn M, Balaban G, Beunicelli J, Guerry D, Halaban R, Her/yn D, Elder DE, et al (1985) INCI 74:283-289 Hill RP, Young SD, Cillo C, Ling V (1986) Cancer Rev 5:118-151 Holzmann B, Brocker EB, Lehmann JM, Ruiter DJ, Sorg C, Riethmtiller G, Johnson JP (1987) Int J Cancer 39:466-471 Kerbel RS, Waghorne C, Man S, Elliott BE, Breitman ML (1987) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 84:1263-1267 Kerbel RS, Waghorne C, Korczak B, Lagarde A, Breitman M (1988) Cancer Surv, (in press) Korczak B, Robson IB, Lamarche C, Bernstein A, Kerbel RS (1988) Mol Cell Bioi 8:3143-3149 Ling V, Chambers AF, Harvis JF, Hill RP (1985) Cancer Metastasis Rev 4:173-194 Miller FR (1981) Invasion Metastasis 1:220-226 Nowell PC (1976) Science 56:561-569 Poste G, Greig R (1982) Invasion Metastasis 2:137-177 Price J (1987) Development 101:409-419 Talmadge JE, Fidler II (1982) Nature 297:593-594 Talmadge JE, Zbar B (1987) JNCI 178:315-320 Vaage J (1988) Int J Cancer 41:855-858 Waghorne C, Kerbel RS, Breitman ML (1987) Oncogene 1:149-155 Waghorne C, Thomas M, Lagarde A, Kerbel RS, Breitman ML (1988) Cancer Res, 48:6109-6114 Weiss L (1986) Cancer Rev 3:1-24 Oncogenes and Tumor Progression: State of the Art* F.

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