By R. A. Reisfeld, B. Muller, H.-M. Yang (auth.), Dr. Hans G. Beger FACS, Dr. Markus Büchler, Dr. Ralph A. Reisfeld, Priv. Doz. Dr. Gregor Schulz (eds.)

A number of new melanoma treatment modalities are mentioned and evaluated during this booklet. It goals to illustrate that the mix of classical chemo- and radiotherapy with new methods within the box of immunotherapy can lead to a more robust therapy modality. Immunotherapy during this context contains remedy with monoclonal antibodies, hematopoietic progress elements and different lymphokines. result of early medical trials with IL-2, GM-CSF and monoclonal antibodies opposed to gastrointestinal tumors and cancer are integrated. The development in local chemotherapy concepts, for instance of the liver, is proven. moreover, the advance of latest chemotherapeutic brokers with a special mode of motion in addition to greater tolerability is gifted. using hormones, corresponding to LH-RH agonists, permits hormone-dependent tumors similar to prostatic and breast melanoma to be taken care of with out powerful adversarial reactions. those contemporary findings provide the reader perception into intriguing healing instructions made attainable via such mixed, instead of unmarried, modalities.

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A mouse monoclonal antibody (MAb) (lgG2A) has been raised against the antigen [5]. MAb 17-1A has been extensively used for therapy of patients with gastrointestinal tumors. The in vivo mechanisms of tumor cell destruction mediated by MAb are not completely understood. In animal and in vitro experimental systems, it has been suggested that antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) is an important component of tumor cell lysis [4]. Cell subpopulations significant in this respect seem to be monocytes/macrophages and natural killer and killer cells [1, 10, data to be published].

Houghton AN, Mintzer D, Cordon-Cardo C, Welt S, Hiegel B, Vadhan S, Carswell E, Melamed MR, Oettgen HF, Old RJ (1985) Mouse monoclonal IgG3 antibody detecting G D3 ganglioside: A phase I trial in patients with malignant melanoma. Proc Nat Acad Sci USA 82: 1242 19. Sears HF, Herlyn D, Steplewsky Z, Koprowski H (1985) Phase II clinical trial of a murine monoclonal antibody cytotoxic for gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma. Cancer Res 45: 5910 20. Kubel R, Buchler M, Baczako K, Beger HG (1986) Immunohistochemical analysis of new monoclonal antibodies for pancreatic carcinoma associated antigens.

Epenetos AA, Munro AJ, Stewart S, Rampling R, Lambert HE, McKenzie CG, Soutter P, Rahemtulla A, Hooker G, Sivolapenko GB, Snook D, Courtenay-Luck N, Dhokia B, Krauz T, Taylor-Papadimitriou 1, Durbin H, Bodmer WF (1987) Antibody-guided irradiation of advanced ovarian cancer with intraperitoneally administered radio labelled monoclonal antibodies. 1 Clin Oncol 5: 1890-1899 14. Kalofonos HP, Epenetos AA (1987) Antibody-guided diagnosis and therapy of patients with breast cancer. In: Ceriani RL (ed) Immunological approaches to the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer.

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