By R J Ferrier, R H Furneaux, T Gallagher, N R Williams, R H Wightman, P C Tyler, R Blattner, K Clinch

This product isn't to be had individually, it's only offered as a part of a collection. There are 750 items within the set and those are all offered as one entity. summary: This product isn't really to be had individually, it's only offered as a part of a collection. There are 750 items within the set and those are all offered as one entity

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24,73 (Chem. , 1992,116,152 259). A. V. Kresteleva, A. Yu. Spivak, Yu. V. Shklyaev and 19. Khim.. 1991,27. 1497 (Chem. , 1992,116,214 787). E. Petrusova and L. Pems, Chem. 116. 106 654). M. Petrusova, E. Lattova, M. Matulova and L. P e w . Chem. , 1992,46, 120 (Chem. Abstr.. 1992, 117, 212 797). A. De Mesmaeker. A. Waldner, P. Hoffmarm, P. Hug, and T. Winkler. Synlett.. 1992,285. B. Giese and T. Linker, Synthesis 1992,46. P. S. -L. Fourrey and M. 33, 3319. Hon, ML. Huang, TL. Lu and FL. Chen, Bull.

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L ~ This ~ is consistent with an earlier report (Carbohydr. Rex, 1977, 58, 397). ). BuzSn( SR1)z Scheme 22 Considerable attention has been given to the preparation of specific thioglycosides. m’ Various glycosides containing thiols 88-90 as aglycons have been r e p ~ r t e d . ~ ~ ’The - ’ ~ ~N acetyl-glucosaminyl derivative of the last of these is an irreversible inhibitor of human 13hexosaminidase. -Q~-Om2 OH OH 88 86 X = O H 87 X = 0-D-Gkp-S- “D NOS03K HS*NHS02 P-D-GlCP-S-q I 89 NMez OH 90 H 91 The use of thioglycosides in the preparation of 0-glycosides and disaccharides is now well developed as is illustrated in several instances earlier in this Chapter.

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