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A Chronology of the us Marine Corps 1935-1946

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The japanese invasion and profession of Korea, which lasted from 1592 to 1598, was once the one party in eastern heritage whilst samurai aggression was once grew to become opposed to a international state. in the course of the career of Korea the japanese equipped 25 wajo or castles. not like the castles inbuilt Japan, those castles have been by no means constructed or modernized after the japanese departure which means that the main points of past due sixteenth century fortress building are greater preserved than at many different websites.

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OpHist, v . 1, p . 330) . 21 Oct WASHINGTON---Admiral King, CNO, informed CinCPOA that the JCS had agreed to strengthen the air forces in the South Pacific by 1 January 1943 . (Williams, p . 60) . 23 Oct GUADALCANAL---Japanese mortar and artillery fire was intensified along the Marine east bank positions of the Matanikau River . A Japanese tank and infantry assault across the river was repelled . (OpHist, v . 1, p . 332) . 2325 Oct PACIFIC---At a conference in Noumea, Admiral Halsey, ComSoPac, promised Major General A .

1, p . 288) . Henderson Field, named after Major Lofton Henderson, was completed . (Zimmerman, p . 65 ; OpHist, pp . 277, 279) . 18GUADALCANAL---Company (OpHist, L, 5th Marines, OpHist crossed the Matanikau 19 Aug River and attacked the village of that name, while Company I made a successful amphibious raid farther west at Kokumbona (OpHist, v . 1, p . 283) . to cut off any retreating Japanese . 20 Aug GUADALCANAL---The forward echelon of Marine Aircraft- Group 23 (19 F4F's of VIV-223 and 12 SBD - 3's of VMSB-232) arrived on Henderson Field .

OpHist, v . 1, p . 130, Heinl (2), pp . 37 - 39) . JOHNSTON---Two Japanese ships bombarded the island, destroying (OpHist, v . 1, p . 82) . a 1,200-gallon oil tank . 17 Dec WAKE---Japanese air raids on the atoll ignited a diesel oil tank on Wilkes Island and damaged an . evaporator unit on which (OpHist, v . 1, p . 125) . the atoll depended for its water supply . MIDWAY---Seventeen SB2U-3's from Marine Scout-Bomber Squadron 231 arrived unexpectedly from Hickam Field, Hawaii ; these obsolescent aircraft executed the longest massed flight overwater of single engine land planes .

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