By Julian Verbov MD, Neil Morley MB (auth.)

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Reeovery without searring is usuaUy within 5-7 days with or wi thout administration of antibioties. We feel it safer to treat all cases with penieillinase-resistam penieillin or fusidie aci d . The rash is due to produetion of an exotcxin from phage group 2 benzyl penieillin-resistant staph yloeoeei. There is often a histor y of typieal imperigo in a sibli ng. 30 Psoriasis True psoriasis with onset before 2 months old. This ehiid, now agcd 9 years, has had persistent psoriasis, poody responsivI' to tOpieal treatment.

It is usually due to Staphjdococcus aureus but may be compheated by streptococcus. It is often associated with poor hy gienic canditions and rapidIy spreads among members of a household. Flaccid blisters appear, few Of many, most commooly Qver th e faee, and these quic,kly dry and erust. Lesions may also be ringed with a erusted edge. In treatment removal of the crusts is important because bacteria are present in the lesions and infected crusts en courage spread . If impetigo is widespread or haemolytic streptococci present, a full course of oral antibiotic is indicated and this may help to prevent the occasionaI comphcation of acute glomerulonephritis following streptococcal impeeigo.

28 Rothrnund-Thorn son syndrorne Poikilodermatous change over buttoeks and lower limbs is visiblc. 29 Xeroderrna pigrnentosurn This child alrcady shows atrophy. tightness. hypopigmcntation and dryncss of the skin. 30 Xeroderrna pigrnentosurn Another child demonstrating a later stagc with multiplc pigmclltcd lcsions. solar keratases. and lip ukeratiOIl. 31 Focal derrnal hypoplasia showmg crythema of cheek with depresscd scar-like lesions here. This child also had patehes of aplasia Ctltis over the scalp.

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