By Eduardo V. Ludena, Raymond F. Bishop, Peter Iza

The orientation and actual context of the CMT sequence of Workshops have regularly been cross-disciplinary, yet with an emphasis put on the typical issues of theorists utilizing many-particle ideas in assorted parts of physics. during this spirit, CMT33 selected to concentration precise cognizance on unique fermionic and bosonic structures, quantum magnets and their quantum and thermal part transitions, novel condensed topic platforms for renewable strength assets, the physics of nanosystems and nanotechnology, and functions of molecular dynamics and density sensible idea.

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M. B¨ ohm et al. s. of (23) gives an effective single-particle equation; therefore knowledge of the CBF matrices K and E −1 provides a 1:1 mapping onto effective dynamic interactions: H eff · δv(1) = H · δv(1) + 21 K · δu(2) = H + K · [E −1(ω)] · K · δv(1) (2) (1) eff (1) 1 −1 H1,3 δv3 = H1,3 δv(1) 3 + 2 K1,34 δu43 = H1,3 + K1,45 [E (ω)]54,67 K76,3 δv3 (25) (and the analogue for the H13,0 term). 4. 1. Approximations How exchange effects correct the cRPA, was recently studied20 for bulk 3 He; their influence on multi-pair correlations is, presently, beyond numerical tractability within reasonable effort.

0 E [meV] Fig. 2. (Color on line) Comparison of the dynamic structure factor of 3 He, as obtained from the cRPA, Eq. (2), (dashed blue lines) and from the pair fluctuation theory (full red lines). The density and wave vectors q match those of Fig. 1. The dotted curves show the theoretical results convoluted with the experimental resolution. 2. 3 He In the experiment21 a mono layer of liquid 3 He was adsorbed on high quality exfoliated graphite, preplated by a mono layer of solid 4 He. The latter has the advantage of a weaker adsorption potential than the bare graphite; in addition, it smoothes out surface defects.

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