By Ervin Varga

Construct effortless and maintainable APIs to create companies which are usable and maintainable. even though this booklet makes a speciality of dispensed prone, it additionally emphasizes how the middle ideas observe even to natural OOD and OOP constructs. the general context of making Maintainable APIs is to categorise the subjects into 4 major parts: sessions and interfaces, HTTP leisure APIs, messaging APIs, and message payloads (XML, JSON and JSON API in addition to Apache Avro).

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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Second Edition. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1996. 16 CHAPTER 2 Modular Design In the previous chapter, we analyzed information hiding as a mechanism to hide implementation details from external parties (clients and providers). However, we haven’t spent a lot of time looking at our subjects as physical entities. We were complacent with the notion that we do possess some logical entities that need their own API. We have merely struggled to reduce the amount of exposed implementation details to conceive an evolvable API.

Each line in the implementation below is mapped to the corresponding use case step. ; Step 1. (define (coerce-args raise args) ; Step 2. (let ((target-level (foldr max 0 (map type-level args)))) ; Steps 3-4. (map (lambda (x) ((repeated raise (- target-level (type-level x))) x)) args))) The require directive indicates what the outgoing dependencies of this module are. The type-level internal function returns the data type’s level in the hierarchy (the full system also supports polynomials of type 4).

Data, as we normally think about them, totally “disappear” in this method, though. You should keep in mind that in memory, executable code is stored as data. A selfmodifying code (a popular technique in malware) even treats code as ordinary data. 7 The computer community usually uses it interchangeably with information hiding, and this is wrong. Encapsulation is a technique to group related entities (in our case abstractions) together, sharing a common cause for change. Proper encapsulation is the enabler for achieving high cohesion.

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