By Daniela Massi (eds.)

This e-book covers the full box of dermatopathology - from Acantholysis to Xeroderma pigmentosum. The alphabetically prepared entries, every one of which gives a close description of a selected pathological affliction development, enable readers to quick and simply locate the data they need.

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3 Dense and diffuse infiltrate of the dermis respecting the epidermis with a grenz zone (H&E, X 250) Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm, Fig. 4 Monomorphous infiltrate of medium-sized blasts with slightly irregular nuclei (H&E, X400) B (Fig. 7); bcl11A (Fig. 8); and CD2AP. CD68 is expressed in about half of the cases and TdT in about a third of the cases. Common B cell lineage (CD19, CD20, CD23, CD24, CD79A, immunoglobulin), T cell lineage (CD2, CD3, CD5, CD7, CD8, beta-F1, and delta-TCR1), NK cell lineage (CD16 and CD57), and myelomonocytic cell lineage (myeloperoxidase, CD13, CD14, CD15, and CD117) markers are negative.

6 Cellular blue nevus. This obviously biphasic tumor is centered within dermis with subcutaneous extension The cellular variant may be mistaken for clear cell sarcoma which is only rarely dermal and typically shows more pronounced cytological atypia. In diagnostically difficult cases, cytogenetic studies for the characteristic translocation t(12;22) in clear cell sarcoma may also be helpful. Malignant blue nevus or metastatic melanoma enters the differential diagnosis (Busam 1999). Cytological atypia, increased mitotic activity, and tumor necrosis are findings associated with malignancy.

Nodular basalcell carcinoma is composed of aggregations of germinative cells situated mostly in the reticular dermis and, sometimes, subcutis. Those aggregations are mostly roundish or ovoid and vary in size and shape, sometimes acquiring peculiar shapes 22 Basal-Cell Carcinoma, Cutaneous Basal-Cell Carcinoma, Cutaneous, Fig. 4 Stereotypic example of nodular basalcell carcinoma. There is a large aggregation of neoplastic cells with palisading of cells in the periphery and a pool of mucin in its center and jagged outlines.

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