By Richard M. Felder, Ronald W. Rousseau

Achieve a greater realizing of chemical processes.

This textual content will give you a practical, informative creation to chemical tactics. This third version has been thoroughly revised to supply you with elevated readability, including:

  • Hundreds of latest and revised difficulties and new case stories conceal a broader spectrum of chemical engineering applications.
  • Guidance for fixing difficulties that require unfold sheeting and equation-solving software.
  • A CD-ROM that gives an lively studying surroundings. With this software program, scholars reply to questions and obtain quick suggestions, discover adaptations in technique parameters and notice the impression in their alterations on method operations, and more.
  • 2005 variation icons within the textual content margin inform you whilst it is such a lot worthwhile to take advantage of the ICPP CD-ROM and the coed Workbook.

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S 2 b g = 0100 . 300 kg E / kg c. 400 / 0100 . g b= = = 1491 . lnb R / R g lnb38 / 15g lnbag = lnb x g − b lnb R g = lnb0100 . g − 1491 . 340 ⇒ a = 1764 . × 10 x = aRb ⇒ ln x = ln a + b ln R 2 1 2 1 1 −3 1 x = 1764 . 900 IJ R=G J =G H a K H 1764 . × 10 K 1 b −3 d. 491 . = 655 Device not calibrated – recalibrate. Calibration curve deviates from linearity at high mass fractions – measure against known standard. Impurities in the stream – analyze a sample. Mixture is not all liquid – check sample.

The dilution rate should be greater than the value calculated to ensure that ignition is not possible even if the fuel feed rate increases slightly. 12 a. 040 kg H 2O / kg 673 kg / h b g 1 − x b kg H O / kgg x kg CH 3OH / kg 2 b. 80 × 103 = 0176 . 71 × 104 c. 13 Analyzer is wrong, flow rates are wrong, impurities in the feed, a reaction is taking place, the system is not at steady state. a. 13 (cont’d) b. 000145b140g = 0123 . 3645 p c. 861 kg P / kggb1239 kgg + b0123 . kg P / kggb1014 kgg = 1192 kg P The P balance does not close .

Absorption tower function: Separate the C3H8 and C3H6 in the reactor effluent from the other components. Stripping tower function: Recover the C3H8 and C3H6 from the solvent. Distillation column function: Separate the C3H5 from the C3H8. 6 a. 3 independent balances (one for each species) b.  1 , m 3 , m 5 , x2 , y2 , y4 , z4 ) 7 unknowns ( m – 3 balances – 2 mole fraction summations 2 unknowns must be specified c. 7 a. 3 independent balances (one for each species) b. 005m . 096gb461g FG g IJ ⇒ 44 g min = 44 g min .

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