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11 We must be careful to choose a set of independent variables that defines the state without ambiguity. For a closed system of liquid water, the set p and V might be a 10 The concept of the number of components is discussed in more detail in Chap. 13. 11 The important topic of the number of independent intensive variables is treated by the Gibbs phase rule, which will be discussed in Sec. 7 for systems of a single substance and in Sec. 1 for systems of more than one substance. Thermodynamics and Chemistry, second edition, version 1 © 2010 by Howard DeVoe.

The measured resonance frequency is a function of the mass of the liquid in the tube. a Ref. [62]. end of a capillary tube that has no vapor bubble. Negative pressure in a liquid is an unstable condition that can result in spontaneous vaporization. The SI unit of pressure is the pascal. Its symbol is Pa. 2). Chemists are accustomed to using the non-SI units of millimeters of mercury, torr, and atmosphere. One millimeter of mercury (symbol mmHg) is the pressure exerted by a column exactly 1 mm high of a fluid of density equal to exactly 13:5951 g cm 3 (the density of mercury at 0 ı C) in a place where the acceleration of free fall has its standard value gn (see Appendix B).

3 More about independent variables A closed system containing a single substance in a single phase has two independent variables, as we can see by the fact that the state is completely defined by values of T and p or of T and V . A closed single-phase system containing a mixture of several nonreacting substances, or a mixture of reactants and products in reaction equilibrium, also has two independent variables. Examples are air, a mixture of gases in fixed proportions; an aqueous ammonia solution containing H2 O, NH3 , NH4 C , HC , OH , and probably other species, all in rapid continuous equilibrium.

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