By Sue Clarke BSc PhD

This new version of crucial CHEMISTRY FOR secure AROMATHERAPY presents an available account of the major theoretical points of chemistry and their program into the secure perform of aromatherapy. For readers with a constrained technological know-how historical past, this booklet deals a transparent and concisely written advisor to crucial info in chemistry. For practitioners, the ebook applies chemistry to the sensible and healing use of crucial oils, and ends up in a greater realizing of composition, homes and technical facts regarding crucial oils.

  • Takes the terror and secret out of chemistry for aromatherapy students!
  • Presents an important info in a transparent and easily-digestible structure, highlighting key issues all along
  • Allows specialist aromatherapists to perform with larger self assurance, safeguard and talent, and to increase the diversity in their perform via a clearer figuring out of chemical homes of crucial oils.
  • Covers the scope of what's taught at significant aromatherapy educating centres, and constructions the cloth to ensure every one bankruptcy presents the reader with a rounded knowing of the subject covered.
  • A thesaurus is incorporated for simple reference.
  • Fully-updated throughout
  • Chapter five, Analytical thoughts thoroughly pointed out to date
  • Chapter 6 Oil Profiles up to date to incorporate these utilized in present training
  • New part entitled ‘In views’ covers dangers and advantages, interpretation of scientific trials and experimental facts, use of crucial oils in aromatherapy and practical teams when it comes to healing properties

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This can be simply illustrated with the alkanes, which are saturated noncyclic hydrocarbons. They all have the same general formula, CnH2n+2, where n is the number of carbon atoms (1 or 2 or 3 or …). ●● ●● ●● ●● Methane has 1 carbon atom: C1H2+2 = CH4. Ethane has 2 carbon atoms: C2H4+2 = C2H6 (or CH3CH3). Propane has 3 carbon atoms: C3H6+2 = C3H8 (or CH3CH2CH3). Butane has 4 carbon atoms: C4H8+2 = C4H10 (or CH3CH2CH2CH3). Homologous series The systematic names of the higher members of the homologous series of alkanes indicate the number of carbon atoms present in the chain (pentane has 5, hexane has 6, … decane has 10, and so on), but the names of the first few members are based on chemical history [methyl (1), ethyl (2), propyl (3) and butyl (4)] and one just has to learn what these represent.

4. 4 Diterpenes (C20H32). Camphorene. Courtesy Spiring Enterprises Ltd. Physical and chemical properties Diterpenes are similar to sesquiterpenes but the larger molecules and molecular weights give them higher boiling points and lower oxidation rates. Therapeutic properties Certain diterpenes have been described as: ●● ●● ●● antifungal and antiviral possibly expectorant and purgative possibly having a balancing effect on the endocrine system. Important biological compounds that are derivatives of diterpenes include gibberellic acid, which is a plant growth hormone.

When a molecule is unsaturated, the double bond does not readily permit rotation about its axis, thus fixing the different groups into their positions in space. When identical groups are on the same side of the double bond, the isomer is called the cis isomer, and when identical groups are on the opposite sides of the double bond, the isomer is called the trans isomer. a a a c c C C b C C b cis a trans The cis/trans relationship is also used more generally, when the attached groups are not identical but are located on opposite sides of the same double bond in different isomers; in this sense it describes the overall ‘shape’ of the carbon skeleton of otherwise identical isomers (see Fig.

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