By Liang Liu, Zhanwen Liu

The necessities of chinese language drugs is a textual content booklet meant for foreign scholars who desire to achieve a uncomplicated figuring out of chinese language drugs (CM) on the college point. the belief of writing this kind of textual content was once originated from the Sino-American Consortium for the development of chinese language drugs (SACACM), which used to be based in February 2000. In 1995, the British Hong Kong management arrange a Preparatory Committee for the improvement of chinese language drugs to seem into methods of bringing chinese language scientific perform and natural exchange below right regulate and r- ulation. After the reuni?cation of Hong Kong with mainland China in 1997, the govt. of the Hong Kong exact Administrative area endured the efforts to uplift the perform of CM to a completely expert point via laws. to assist raise a brand new iteration CM practitioners, the Hong Kong Baptist collage (HKBU) got approval from the Government’s univ- sity investment authority to boost a faculty of chinese language drugs to arrange scholars who will meet the long run specialist requisites via public examinations. with the intention to identify itself quick as a rigorous supplier of college point CM schooling, HKBU sought alliance with 8 significant CM universities within the chinese language Mainland, and one US college which used to be attracted to constructing CM edu- tion inside its scientific collage. consequently, the Consortium often called SACACM was once shaped, with ten founding associations from Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Sh- dong, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Heilongjiang, Hong Kong, and the U.S.

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When Qi is in the state of dispersion it is perceived as being formless. This is the state in which it does not occupy any definite space and does not possess a definite and stable form. When it is in the state of condensation it is perceived as having form. In this state it occupies definable space and possesses the definite and stable form of objects. When objects are generated Qi inheres in them. Qi can transform itself from one state to the other. Formless Qi can transform into objects with form, and Qi of objects with form can revert to formlessness.

In the body Qi belongs to Yang whereas blood and essence belong to Yin; yet Qi can generate blood and can reside in blood. Qi can generate essence, and essence can generate Qi. From this it can be seen that in the human body the principal manifestation of the mutual dependence and mutual support of Yin and Yang lies in their mutual assistance and augmentation. Though Yin and Yang each has its own province of activities, their actions are neither unrelated nor exclusive; rather, they are cooperative and harmonious.

The primary determinants of the efficacy of a Chinese medicinal herb are its nature and its flavor. In CM herbs exhibit four different natures: cold, cool, warm and hot. Herbs of cool or cold nature are used to treat Heat diseases; they belong to Yin. Herbs of warm or hot nature are used to treat Cold diseases; they belong III Theory of Five Elements 21 to Yang. In CM herbs also exhibit five different flavors: sour, bitter, salty, acrid and sweet. Herbs of sour, bitter or salty flavor belong to Yin, and those of acrid or sweet flavor belong to Yang.

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