By Arnold Schonhage

Schoenhage A., et al. quick algorithms.. a multitape Turing computing device implementation (B.I. Wissenschaftsverlag, 1994)(ISBN 3411168919)(1s)_CsAl_

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1 cal. 1840 abs. 1833 int. 0020 cu. cm. atm. 0000020 liter atm. T. cal. / g. u. / lb. u. T. cal. 293018 int. watt-hr. 866 int. 040 abs. 161 cal. -lb. ) / sec. 578 int. 70 abs. watt 1 in. 54 cm. 304800610 m. 1 lb. 5924277 g. 1 gal. ϭ 231 cu. in. 133680555 cu. ft. 785412 ϫ 10Ϫ3 cu. m. : in. S. S. foot (1 ft. ) Definition; lb. ϭ avoirdupois pound Definition; gal. S. gallon cal. ϭ thermochemical calorie Definition of horsepower (mechanical): lb. ) ϭ weight* of 1 lb. u. T. British Thermal Unit cal. ϭ thermochemical calorie Definition: cal.

Weaker since only half the fibers used in each direction 3. Woven mat Similar to bidirectional type but easy to handle 4. Multidirectional Load capacity much reduced but can take load in any direction in plane of fibers 5. Random, chopped Low in strength but multidirectional. Has handling advantages Source: Refs. 13 and 19. ␣ ϭ (cross-sectional area of fibers) / (total cross-sectional area) Ec ϭ ␣Ef ϩ (lϪ␣)Em Plastics Plastics are materials based on polymers to which other materials are added to give the desired properties.

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