By Lloyd Darden

“Hartley dropped to his knees, head bowed, his palms crossed over his head. basically then did his cruel mistress stop her torture and carry again the nervous rain of biting whiplashes. She stood over him, panting, victorious, as Hartley pulled his bare physique slowly towards her…and slavishly licked the full size of 1 of her spiked four-inch heel.”

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Lockout (The Alpha Group Trilogy, Book 2)

This isn't a standalone tale. it's the sequel to Locked, which can be learn first.

Who is Sebastian Lock?

Sophia had by no means felt appeal like that prior to. uncooked. electrical. impossible to resist. Swept off her ft through the rushing, enigmatic billionaire Sebastian Lock, she was once taken on a trip of self discovery, taken to areas she by no means dreamed she'd go.

But issues are by no means so simple as they seem. Sophia's belief is a delicate factor, and Sebastian turns out rationale on checking out it. He has his personal demons to conflict, and no-one has introduced them to the fore like she has.

As their dating deepens, and Sophia starts off to collapse his partitions, all that greets her are extra questions. Why is Sebastian struggling with so not easy to maintain her at a distance? who's the woman on his mobile? And why does the unusual tattoo on his chest appear so familiar?

These puzzles plague her, yet as Sebastian's mysteries start to resolve, she needs to face a completely varied fact. Staying at the hours of darkness will be painful, yet realizing the solutions can be deadly.

This is a 43,500 note brief novel, or approximately one hundred fifty revealed ebook pages. It comprises erotic content material and a dominant guy who constantly will get what he wishes within the bed room. it's meant for readers elderly 18 and over.

Unattainable (Undeniable, Book 3)

Caution: this isn't a virtuous and delicate love tale. It’s chaotic, ruthless, and tragic. This tale takes love and kills its innocence, steals away the natural moments, and crushes the hearts of the damaged. a narrative born in early life, tying one woman to 1 boy, ends up in a harmful path—that hurts greater than it doesn’t, that shatters greater than it heals—testing the affection that binds the 2 via a life-time.

Guilty Pleasures

Vivian Delaney leads a lifetime of privilege, yet at the back of closed doorways she feels remoted and trapped in a gilded cage. not able to accomplish sexual excitement together with her husband, she unearths herself within the able arms of Anton, a therapeutic massage therapist rationale on awakening her to her complete sexual strength. in anyway important.

A Day at the Feminization Factory: 2 Transgender Transformation Tales

In Mindi Flyth's new pair of brief tales we pass behind the curtain at a mysterious position the place misbehaving males are reworked into ladies.

We commence with the darkish story, "Orientation. " A merciless guy compelled his Asian girlfriends to decorate up in schoolgirls clothes for his kinky thrills, yet now he unearths the tables have became and it's his flip to get schooled.

In the titular tale "A Day on the Feminization Factory" we meet Myra and Amanda, desirable, sadistic women who use bizarre technology to alter unwilling males into girls and women. Breast enlargement, race swap, even age regression is all simply a part of the task. It's a wierd technique to make a residing. .. yet those women love their paintings.

Both tales contain grownup subject matters and are meant for a mature viewers. Approximate note count number 8100.

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As he walked down the hallway to his room, he heard an unfamiliar sound coming from Kylie’s room. He was surprised to find her home already and a bit annoyed at the prospect of hearing her with some lover. Continuing past his own room, he stopped outside her closed door. Again the strange, sharp sound came, but this time it was followed by Kylie’s cry of pain. “Please stop,” he heard her whimper. He tried the doorknob only to find it locked. Impatient to get inside, he leaned back and kicked. The doorframe splintered and the door fell in.

And Heath would cuss him out for waking him up, but he didn’t give a shit. The time for action had come and serious changes were on the horizon for Miss Kylie Halston. Chapter Two It was early Friday afternoon when Heath let himself into the house and dumped his suitcase by the door. Colt was obviously waiting for him and hollered from the living room. ” Heath walked into the room to find Colt sitting on the couch with his feet propped up on the coffee table, nursing a beer. ” Colt gestured to a second bottle near his feet.

Chapter Six Kylie awoke to the sound of whispers in the dark room, but she was too exhausted to figure out who was speaking or what they were saying. Hell, she was too tired to care where she was. A slight tug on her wrist brought the truth crashing down around her. Weekend. Fantasies. Heath and Colt. Her eyes flew open as she felt another strange pull, this one near her ankle. Looking around, she saw Heath at the head of the bed securing her right hand there with a silk scarf. At her feet, she watched Colt tighten the final knot that secured her, spread eagle.

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