By A.. Khrennikov, A. Khrennikov

During this quantity, major specialists in experimental in addition to theoretical physics (both classical and quantum) and likelihood conception supply their perspectives on many fascinating (and nonetheless mysterious) difficulties in regards to the probabilistic foundations of physics. the issues mentioned throughout the convention contain Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox, Bell's inequality, realism, nonlocality, position of Kolmogorov version of chance thought in quantum physics, von Mises frequency conception, quantum details, computation, "quantum results" in classical physics.

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Of course, this does not imply that Quantum Mechanics cannot provide any meaning at all for the CHSH function; it implies only that this meaning cannot be strongly objective. Since the local realistic inequality SgtT0 cannot be compared with any strongly objective prediction given by Quantum Mechanics, Bell's Theorem cannot be verified with a strongly objective interpretation given to the CHSH function. Hence, there is no choice but to rely on the weakly objective interpretation in order to compare hidden-variables theories and Quantum Mechanics.

This difference should therefore appear in the relevant equations. Indeed, the correlation expressed in Eq. (6) is relevant to spin measurements performed on particles that once constituted a single parent particle. Yet, two particles issued from two distinct parents never have interacted with each other, so that spin measurements performed on such particle pairs can not be correlated. e. generalised to the case of spin measurements performed on different sets of particle pairs). This can be easily done within a quantum theoretical framework by means of a distinct EPRB space for each set of N particle pairs.

There is no way to derive a Bell inequality7—this is not the first time this fact has been noticed, unfortunately, no conclusion was drawn then. Yet, this fact cannot be ignored, for it has been shown in Section 4 that Bell's Theorem cannot be demonstrated within a strongly objective interpretation. Here, the only local realistic inequality that can be derived is obtained by considering—as was done with Eq. (10)—the possible numerical values of each term of the summation in Eq. (28), for which the extrema are +4 and -4, so that the narrowest local realistic inequality that can be derived from Eq.

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