This can be the legit and basically reference that you'll be authorized to exploit through the FE examination. you have to get to grips with the association of equations and information during this instruction manual, so that you can paintings successfully throughout the examination.

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This is called the torsional stiffness and is often denoted by the symbol k or c. t σx = –Ey/ρ, where = the distance from the neutral axis to the fiber location above or below the axis. Let y = c, where c = distance from the neutral axis to the outermost fiber of a symmetrical beam section. σx = ± Mc/I Let S = I/c: then, σx = ± M/S, where S = the elastic section modulus of the beam member. thickness of shaft wall and Transverse shear flow: the total mean area enclosed by the shaft measured to the midpoint of the wall.

Other terms defined as above. K. Vennard. Diagrams reprinted by permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. v = the velocity of the blade. 42 FLUID MECHANICS (continued) MACH NUMBER The speed of sound c in an ideal gas is given by Orifices The cross-sectional area at the vena contracta A2 is characterized by a coefficient of contraction Cc and given by Cc A. c = kRT , where • k = cP/cv. This shows that the acoustic velocity in an ideal gas depends only on its temperature. The mach number Ma is a ratio of the fluid velocity V to the speed of sound: Ma = V/c p æp ö Q = CA 2 g çç 1 + z1 − 2 − z 2 ÷÷ γ è γ ø FLUID MEASUREMENTS The Pitot Tube – From the stagnation pressure equation for an incompressible fluid, (2 ρ)( po − p s ) = V= where C, the coefficient of the meter, is given by 2 g ( po − p s ) γ , where C= V = the velocity of the fluid, po = the stagnation pressure, and Cv Cc 1 − Cc2 ( A A1 )2 • ps = the static pressure of the fluid at the elevation where the measurement is taken.

Parallel Axis Theorem Iz = Izc + md 2, where For impact with dissipation of energy, the relative velocity expression is e= v2′ n − v1′n v1n − v2 n the coefficient of kinetic friction. The value of µk is often taken to be 75% of µs. Iz = the mass moment of inertia about a specific axis (in this case, the z-axis), Izc = the mass moment of inertia about the body's mass center (in this case, parallel to the z-axis), , where e = the coefficient of restitution for the materials, and the subscript n denotes the components normal to the plane of impact.

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