By Jane E Soothill

Charismatic Christianity is the latest and quickest turning out to be expression of Pentecostal faith in Sub-Saharan Africa. In Ghana's capital, Accra, the charismatic church buildings dominate the non secular scene. This ebook specializes in the gender discourses of Ghana's new church buildings, and considers charismatic views on womanhood, manhood, marriage and relatives existence. supplying a clean viewpoint at the organisational buildings of the charismatic church buildings, this examine seems to be on the management roles of lady pastors and pastors' other halves, and attracts awareness to the hyperlinks among lady leaders and religious energy. by means of highlighting the significance of non secular strength in reading gendered social switch, the publication sheds new gentle at the socio-cultural function of Ghana's new church buildings.

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49 Noting that the meaning of “Africa” and the meaning of “the West” are never Àxed but emerge only in relation to each other, Rita Abrahamsen argues that the civilisation and legitimisation of colonial rule in Africa depended on the perceived barbarism of Africans (“African Studies and the Postcolonial Challenge”, African Affairs, 102, 2003, 196). Similarly, “oppressed” and “liberated” have functioned as relational terms in the history of Western feminism. 47 religion and gender in africa 23 to “give voice” to those who might otherwise remain unheard in order to challenge deÀnitions of the “Other” imposed “from above” with those that emanate “from below”.

68 See Hodgson and McCurdy, “Introduction”, 16. Ortner argues that when women in ethnography were not seen as “pawns in a male game” they were viewed as “wholly different” from men, and perhaps even “morally better” than men (Making Gender, 16). 69 Cornwall, “Introduction”, 1. These representations of African women, she continues, provide “powerful social imaginaries that capture a longing equally rooted in western feminist experience: the possibilities of combining motherhood with career, autonomy with connectedness” (2).

10 Third, some scholars see religious conversion as representing a watershed moment in the lives of charismatic and Pentecostal Christians. A key feature of the conversion process is testimony, often accompanied by glossolalia (speaking in tongues), after which converts are described as dividing their lives into pre- and post-conversion periods. Some writers emphasise this point more than others. Droogers, for example, describes the conversion experience as “a primal or proleptic spiritual experience 7 Rosalind Hackett, “The Gospel of Prosperity in West Africa”, in Richard H.

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