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Around a third of OECD members involve citizens at some point in the procurement process, most often to monitor the integrity of the award process (via inviting the public to attend bid opening ceremonies) or to monitor the implementation of the contract (Indicator 41). Japan has found that ICTs can help build public support for fiscal consolidation plans. Japan has embarked on a series of public budget hearings that are streamed and televised; they are among the most watched and discussed events in Japan.

To maximise the benefits of transparency, many member country governments are actively focusing on accessibility and the quality of information. For example, many government-run websites include search features to help find key documents and data. Over half of OECD countries have established provisions in laws or policies requiring electronic information to be published in formats that allow for reuse and manipulation (Indicator 38). Evaluating the quality of planned reforms: Key questions and risks In addition to the extent to which it is based on evidence, key aspects of quality of the reform process include its size, pace and interface with other public policy goals.

Source: 2010 OECD Survey on Strategic Human Resource Management in Government. 1787/888932389569 Unfortunately, evidence is scarce to guide decision makers in this area. Many countries do not have the data they need to determine whether public sector staff are overpaid or underpaid compared to private sector counterparts. Salaries and wages are not a monolithic item across the government; they vary by position, by the share of remuneration that is based on performance, working hours and benefits.

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