By Thomas R. Mockaitis, Paul B. Rich

This selection of essays examines the strategic dimensions of latest terrorist threats. It evaluates the altering nature of contemporary terrorism within the mild of the occasions of September eleven 2001. the gathering argues that terrorism now offers to go into the terrain of world ''grand strategy''.

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The government may be tempted to opt for highly dramatic but largely ineffective (and perhaps counterproductive) actions. The party in power may also use the war on terrorism to push its own agenda. Finally, in their zeal to arrest terrorist suspects, law enforcement organizations may target innocent citizens who belong to the ‘wrong’ ethnic group. Such action will not elicit the cooperation of these citizens, who probably have the background knowledge and language skills to help authorities catch the real terrorists.

All of these elements make the organization vulnerable if they can be understood and exploited. Understanding depends on intelligence, which can best be gathered from erstwhile supporters. Supporters will defect only if they believe that they have more to gain from the opponents of Al Qaeda than they do from the organization. Counter-terrorists stand an even better chance of weaning away the soft support surrounding the hardcore insurgents. People generally support an insurgency out of a shared sense of wrong or frustration at not having their basic needs met.

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