By Marie Anakee Miczak

Lawsonia inermis ver. alba... "henna". How a lot are you aware approximately this superb botanical? was once it sensual Mehndi physique adornment or Cleopatra's favourite body spray? An aphrodisiac or a therapy for leprosy? An historical Roman forex or a final correct for the lifeless? This publication takes a desirable examine the most well known botanicals of all time. by no means sooner than has a booklet been dedicated to henna as a complete. Drawing on botany, archeology, phytomedicine and folkloric historical past to outline the numerous ambiguities and misconceptions surrounding it, therefore proposing for the 1st time a correct and whole historical past of henna. A element of the proceeds from this publication is going to charity and maintenance of henna's history.- In severe intensity, henna's medicinal prior is published. From the papyrus Ebers to the writings of Galen, realize henna's makes use of in all the significant outdated global medicines.-Did you recognize henna has the most aromatic vegetation in the world? research why girls grew to become hooked on them and the surprising foundation for his or her allure.- imagine you recognize the entire tale pertaining to henna physique paintings? re-examine. learn how its historical past used to be synthetic within the nineteenth and twentieth century to hide its actual origins.

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Loc. cit. V. Published by license under the Harwood Academic Publishers imprint, part of the Gordon and Breach Publishing Group. MATHEW C. peloponnensiacus Orph. , Diagn. Ser. 2,4:95 (1895). C. nivalis Klatt in Linnaea 34:720 (1865–1866), partly as to syn. C. peloponnensiacus Orph. and specimens Orphanides 67, 68. Corms 10–15 mm diameter, depressed-globose, rather flattened at the base; tunics fibrous, the fibres very slender and finely reticulated, extended at the apex of the corm into a short neck.

15 mm long, 7 mm wide, produced on a short pedicel just above ground level; seeds reddish-purple, subglobose, c. 3–4 mm long, with a pointed caruncle; raphe, a rather low ridge running the length of the seed; testa covered with a dense mat of papillae. 2n=16. Phenology: Flowering October–December. Habitat: Open rocky mountains with Astragalus, Phlomis, Sarcopoterium spinosum and Berberis cretica in heavy reddish soil on limestone formations, 900–2000 metres. Distribution: Crete, recorded on Mt.

Pallasianus Herb. in Bot. Reg. 30, t. 3, Fig. 2 (1844). C. sativus var. elwesii Maw in Gard. Chron. s. 16:430 (1881). C olbanus Siehe in Allg. Bot. Zeitschr. 12:1 (1906). C. Schwarz in Fedde Repert. Sp. Nov. 36:74 (1934). C. thiebautii Mouterde in Bull. Soc. Bot. France 101:422 (1954). C. libanoticus Mouterde in Bull. Soc. Bot. France 101:422 (1954). C. haussknechtii sensu Mouterde, Nouv. Fl. Lib. et Syrie 1:297 (1966), non Boiss. & Reut. ex Maw) Boiss. Corms ovoid, c. 10–20(–25) mm diameter, depressed-globose; tunics fibrous, the fibres finely reticulated, extended at the apex into a neck up to 2 cm long.

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