By Susan Stepney

Illustrating a direction for mathematically specifying and conscientiously imposing a excessive insurance compiler appropriate to be used in constructing excessive integrity purposes, this ebook explains many of the suggestions used at every one degree of the advance, and is illustrated all through by means of a compiler for a small central language, focusing on a standard guideline set.

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2. 2. 3 Concrete syntax A suitable program that implements the square function, written in Tosca's concrete syntax, is 43 44 Chapter 5. 4 Abstract syntax In abstract syntax, this program is square == Tosca(hdeclVar(n ; integer); declVar(sq ; integer); declVar(limit ; integer)i; blockhassign(n ; const(intv 1)); assign(sq ; const(intv 1)); input limit ; output(var sq ); loop (binExpr(var n ; less; var limit ); blockhassign(sq ; binExpr(binExpr(var sq ; plus; const(intv 1)); plus; binExpr(var n ; plus; var n ))); assign(n ; binExpr(var n ; plus; const(intv 1))); output(var sq )i)i) which rather graphically illustrates why concrete, not abstract, syntax is used for writing programs!

Informally: UC assignment = if (source expression has no uninitialized variables) then checkOK else checkWrong This provides a static initialization-before-use semantic check. Note that some of the formal de nitions of Tosca provide a rather strict constraint on potentially unused variables (guilty until proven innocent), which eliminates programs that might otherwise be thought to be `correct'. It is probably appropriate to have such a strict de nition for a high integrity language. More to the point, however, it does provide an unambiguous de nition, which can be reasoned about, and which provides a basis for criticism if necessary.

After experimenting with both organizations, the latter has been chosen. Specifying all the semantics of each language construct in one place makes it easier to understand that construct as a whole. This approach does have one drawback, however. It becomes necessary to specify quite a few auxiliary Z types and functions before their use may be apparent. These auxiliary de nitions are gathered together in this chapter. It may be best to skim through on rst reading, noting what things have been de ned, but waiting until the next chapter to nd out how they are used.

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