By Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

“HE SPEAKS approximately Bible characters as though they
were previous neighbors of his.” After listening to
a discourse by way of an aged touring overseer,
a Christian lady made that observation.
And rightly so, for the brother had spent
decades learning God’s notice and teaching
from it—so a lot in order that the Bible’s men
and ladies of religion did, certainly, appear like
old neighbors whom he had identified all his life.
2 wouldn't lots of these Bible characters
make great buddies? Are they that
real to you? think what it might be like
to stroll and speak with them, to spend time
getting to grasp such women and men as
Noah, Abraham, Ruth, Elijah, and Esther.
Think of the impact they could have on
your life—the important phrases of recommendation and
encouragement they could offer!—Read
Proverbs 13:20

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Any kindness shown to Naomi and Ruth was, in effect, kindness to the men who would have wanted those dear women to be cared for. 5, 6. (a) How successful was Ruth’s first day of gleaning in the field of Boaz? (b) How did Naomi react when she saw Ruth? 7, 8. (a) Naomi saw the kindness of Boaz as coming from whom, and why? (b) How did Ruth further show her loyal love toward her mother-in-law? ” (Ruth 2:22, 23) In those words we see once more her hallmark quality—loyal love. Ruth’s example may move us to ask ourselves whether we honor the bonds of family, loyally supporting our loved ones and offering them help as needed.

As we learn how Ruth’s faith helped her through such challenges, we will find much to imitate. What Makes a Family? By the time Ruth finished beating out the grain and collecting it all together, she found that she had gleaned about an ephah measure, or 20 dry quarts, of barley. Her load may have weighed some 30 pounds! —Ruth 2:17. 6 Naomi was pleased to see her beloved daughter-in-law, and perhaps she gasped in surprise as she saw Ruth’s heavy load of barley. Ruth also brought some food left over from the meal that Boaz had provided for the workers, and the two thus shared a simple meal.

What would they do about aged Terah? They decided to take him and care for him along the way. He may have consented heartily, for the account credits him, as patriarch, with taking his family out of Ur. No doubt he had given up idolatry. Abram’s nephew Lot would also accompany the sojourners. —Gen. 11:31. 12 Finally, the morning of departure was upon them. Picture the caravan assembling outside the city walls and moat of Ur. 1 Perhaps all eyes turned to Abram, waiting for him to give the signal to go.

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