By Muhammad Hamidullah

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If one fasts for material ends, it has no spiritual value; yet if one fasts for gaining the good will of God, the material advantages are never lost. Without entering into a detailed discussion, it may be observed that other spiritual acts or practices of Islam have also the same double effect, spiritual and temporal So is it in worship, individual or congregational, and so is it in the abnegation of the self at the moment of the pilgrimage to the House of God, in charities to the poor, and in other religious and spiritual practices apart from the obligatory minimum.

Take root. 59. The copies of the Quran sent by 'Uthman to provincial centres gradually disappeared, in the succeeding centuries; only one of them, which is at present in Tashkend, has come down to us. The Czarist government of Russia had published it with a facsimile reproduction; and we see that there is complete identity between this copy and the text otherwise in use. The same is true of the other extant MSS. of the Quran, both complete and fragmentary, dating from the first century of the Hijrah.

They had captured some booty- One of them went to the town to buy provisions, and the other collected wood to prepare the meal. However each one resolved secretly in his heart to get rid of the other and monopolize the gain. So the one who had gone shopping, poisoned the provisions; while his comrade awaited him in ambush, and killed him on his return from the town; but when he tasted the food, he too joined his companion in the other world. 105. There may be another defect inherent in a civilization, when its teachings do not contain an innate capacity for development and adaptation to circumstances.

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