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5 million Palestinians left. By the end of 1948, only 155,000 Palestinians were left. Most of those who departed ended up in refugee camps across the borders of neighboring countries. Over the next fifty years the children who grew up in those camps would be raised to believe that Palestinenow Israelwas their homeland, and that jihadholy war by any means necessarywas justified to reclaim it. Page 30 A group of anti-Israeli fedayeen soldiers Page 31 Chapter 3 Making War and Making Peace From the first, the refugee camps on Israel's borders with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt became flash points for violence.

Sadat was the driving force behind the 1973 war against Israel. Despite their long and bitter enmity, the Egyptians and the Israelis, worn down by the effects on their countries' economies and morale, had been trying to negotiate. However, the negotiations had broken down. " The two leaders were not able to negotiate face-to-face. Carter put them in separate lodges at Camp David. Then he went back and forth between them with proposals and counterproposals. " It paid off. " This resulted in a formal peace treaty in 1979.

The Israeli Army was not combat ready. However, the Israeli Air Force was able to hold off the Arab enemynow including Jordan and Iraquntil the army rallied. During the war many Arab nations raised oil prices, reduced production, and refused to sell oil to the United States and others who backed Israel. The UN ended the Yom Kippur War after eighteen days of fighting. Egypt took back a strip of land along the east bank of the Suez Canal. Syria regained control of a small area in the Golan Heights.

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