By Gil Yosipovitch, Malcolm W. Greaves, Alan B. Fleischer Jr., Francis McGlone

Delivering info at the pharmacology of itch, recommendations of itch assessment, and neurogenic itch, this reference offers new options within the neurophysiology and vital mechanisms of itch, animal versions of itch, and processing of histamine itch within the human cerebral cortex. The textual content clarifies itch in systemic and epidermis illness, exploring renal itch, uremic pruritus, lichen amyloidosis and extra.

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Drzezga A, Darsow U, Treede R-D, Siebner H, Frisch M, Max, Munz F, Weilke F, Ring J, Schwaiger M, Bartenstein P. Central activation by histamineinduced itch: analogies to pain processing: a correlational analysis of O-15 H2O positron emission tomography studies. Pain 2001; 92:295–305. Craig AD. In: Besson J-M, ed. Forebrain Processing of Pain. Paris: John Libby, 1995:13–25. Craig AD, Bushnell MC, Zhang E-T, Blomqvist A. A thalamic nucleus specific for pain and temperature sensation. Nature 1994; 372:770–773.

In mice. d. d. histamine (filled diamonds). Open circle: vehicle (saline). (From Ref. d. d. histamine (diamonds). (From Ref. ) available behavioral data thus indicate that directed hindlimb scratching behavior may distinguish between pruritic and algesic stimuli, supporting it as a viable animal model of itch. d. 5-HT in rats, head or whole body shaking was correlated with scratching (19), suggesting that this type of grooming behavior may also be a useful parameter to assess itch. The possibility of alloknesis, to our knowledge, has not yet been addressed using animal scratching models.

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