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1998-1999 JAGUAR XK8 electric advisor carrier fix store MANUAL


May be lacking pages. promoting AS IS

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Loads of knowledge, covers much, no lacking pages, exploded diagrams, nice guide to have in case you personal a JAGUAR XK8. This guide will prevent funds in Repairs/Service.

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1 FC16-2 I R EM2-7 S O FC16-4 FC16-5 FC16-8 S EM2-1 B I EM18-1 EM18-2 POWER ASSISTED STEERING CONVERTER B FCS49 FC4BR (FC2BR) POWER ASSISTED STEERING CONTROL MODULE RHD 1 6 7 51 Fig. 2 Fig. 1 1 II 5 E 52 81 Fig. 3 6 38 II II 39 E 55 E I Fig. 4 1 Fig. 5 18 I Input O Output D Serial and Encoded Communications Signal Ground (SG) C CAN (Network) S SCP Network Fig. 1 VARIANT: All Vehicles VIN RANGE: 018108 DATE OF ISSUE: SEPTEMBER 1997 ➞ Fig. 1 XK8 Range 1998 Steering Column Movement STEERING COLUMN MOTORS NB 15 B+ (LOGIC) FC14-80 NY 42 FC14-102 RW 1 Fig.

1 and Fig. 2 for complete A/C circuits. BO BY BW BU BP BG BN BS NY EM2-14 UG ULG UN UB RLG EM2-6 BP O RLG BP O EM1-3 BR EM13-31 BO EM13-26 O EM2-12 BO O EM1-13 BR EM13-25 BY EM13-24 O BY O LF40-7 BR EM13-23 BS O LF40-6 BS EM13-22 BR EM13-16 O BW O EM2AR (EM1AR) W WU BW EM13-15 BR O BG EM13-10 BG EM13-9 O EMS31 B BR O KN SP KW RY W WU UB LGK LGO LGW LGU LGY LGR LGS LGP 9A II XK8 Range 1998 AJ26 N/A Automatic Transmission Fig. 1 AJ26 N/A Automatic Transmission NOTE: Gear Selector Illumination Module – CAN ‘Listen only’ node for gear selector position indicators.

1 BT62 N Fig. 1 SW SW EM1-14 PI1-11 STARTER MOTOR REGULATOR SW PI50-1 B N AN1 AN3-1 ST11 B AN2 AN3-2 GENERATOR SUPPRESSION MODULE 1 6 7 51 Fig. 2 Fig. 1 1 II 5 E 52 81 Fig. 3 6 38 II II 39 E 55 E I Fig. 4 1 Fig. 5 18 I Input O Output D Serial and Encoded Communications Signal Ground (SG) C CAN (Network) S SCP Network Fig. 1 VARIANT: AJ26 SC Vehicles VIN RANGE: 024687 DATE OF ISSUE: FEBRUARY 1998 ➞ N XK8 Range 1998 AJ26 N/A NAS Engine Management: Part 1 ECM AND TCM COOLING FAN WY 55 A B E EM64-2 UPSTREAM HO2S VVT SOLENOID VALVES EVAPP MAFS B CMPS CKPS KS IATS KS A ECTS A CCV B DOWNSTREAM O2S FTP SENSOR A B B EM64-1 υ υ B Fig.

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