By Kahlil Gibran

The following Jesus is portrayed throughout the phrases of seventy seven contemporaries who knew him - enemies and buddies: Syrians, Romans, Jews, clergymen, and poets. This version restores the unique layout with 2 work and 12 drawings.

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63 However, opinions vary as to the inherently liminal character of such sites and the resulting likelihood of attracting cult. Thus Edlund, in a study of sanctuaries in Magna Graecia follows M. Eliade and presupposes the existence of ‘holy places’ in an absolute sense. Their holy nature may or may not be ‘revealed’ to man through visions and signs. 66 Burkert acknowledges the complexities of human spatial organisation by granting importance to ‘internal explanations’ such as visions and miracles (to which prehistoric archaeologists of course have no access).

6 Some exploration, however, was done, most notably by Italian scholars during the period of Venetian occupation. 8 Although generally educated as natural historians or scientists, Italian scholars also began the association of place names known from ancient literary sources with specific sites in the Cretan landscape. In 1591 the botanist Giuseppe Casabona identified a cave high in the Psiloritis mountains as the Idaean Antron, which 2 Savary 1788, 165. The roads remained ill-kept until well into the 20th century: Hawes & Boyd Hawes 1916, 1, 9; Allsebrook 1992, 87-88.

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