By A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

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56 the controller of everyone, but there is no one superior to Him, no one to control Him; nor is there anyone equal to Him, no one to share His platform of absolute control. This may sound very strange, for there are many so-called Gods nowadays. Indeed, Gods have become very cheap, being especially imported from India. People in other countries are fortunate that Gods are not manufactured there, but in India Gods are manufactured practically every day. We often hear that God is coming to Los Angeles or New York and that people are gathering to receive Him, etc.

But unfortunately we understand Kåñëa to be one of us. In one sense He is one of us, since He is the father and we are His sons. But He’s the chief: nityo nityänäà cetanaç cetanänäm. He’s more powerful than us. He’s the most powerful, Copyright © 1998 The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust Int'l. All Rights Reserved. 29 the supreme powerful. We have a little power, but Kåñëa has infinite power. That is the difference between Kåñëa and us. We cannot be equal to God. Nobody can be equal to Kåñëa or greater than Him.

Don’t delay. ” Yes, Kåñëa consciousness is available. You can purchase it from this Kåñëa consciousness movement. But what is the price? It is such a nice thing, but you have to pay the price. What is that? Tatra laulyam api mülyam ekalam: Simply your eagerness. That is the price. You have to pay this price. Then you get Kåñëa, immediately. Kåñëa is not poor, and the Kåñëa-seller—the Kåñëa devotee—he’s also not poor. He can distribute Kåñëa free. And he’s doing that. You simply have to purchase Him by your eagerness.

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