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Many do not know what to think but do not see any reason to tempt fate. Carnarvon’s son was interviewed by NBC Television in 1977 and was asked if he believed in the curse. ”42 54 Chapter 4 Natural or Supernatural? S cholars and scientists have for decades routinely dismissed the idea of King Tut’s curse as superstitious nonsense. They have yet, however, to come up with anything else that explains adequately all the deaths connected with the discovery. Was it mold, poisonous plants or animals, radioactivity, parasites, or gases?

It threatens those who disturb the pharaoh’s rest in very general terms, whereas most of the curses that have been found in tombs have been very specific as to what will befall the interloper. If anyone were to enter the tomb of the overseer Petety, for instance, “the priest of Hathor will beat twice any one of you who enters this tomb or does harm to it. The gods will confront him because I am honored by his Lord. The gods will not allow anything to happen to me. ”46 It was easy, however, for those who believed in the supernatural to think that Tutankhamun’s tomb might have been cursed.

More recently, in 2009, a man named Carman Fields filed a lawsuit against Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute Science Museum and Mandel 53 Center for injuries allegedly suffered while he was visiting an exhibition of objects from the tomb. ”40 Fields sought $50,000 in damages, but the case was dismissed. Lady Almina’s Fate Perhaps the curse, if it exists, does not always involve death or physical injury. There have been other misfortunes as well. Following his death, Lord Carnarvon’s widow, Lady Almina, quickly remarried.

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