By Samuel Clark

"Living with out Domination" defends the daring declare that people can organise themselves to dwell peacefully and prosperously jointly in an anarchist utopia. Clark refutes mistakes approximately what anarchism is, approximately utopianism, and approximately human sociability and its background. He then develops an research of normal human social job which areas anarchy within the actual panorama of sociability, besides extra well-known probabilities together with states and slavery. The ebook is distinct in bringing the rigour of analytic political philosophy to anarchism, that's all too usually brushed off out of hand or skated over in well known historical past.

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22 Living Without Domination the construction of ideals is always linked to radical canvas-clearing means, then he is mistaken. 77 Popper could instead be arguing that the construction of ideals entails such means whether their authors realise it or not, and that theories like Godwin’s are therefore self-contradictory. However, if this is his claim, then it is unargued. Popper’s association of utopian engineering with canvas-clearing proceeds by assertion and historical example, not by deduction.

6. 4 A Dictionary of Political Thought (London, 1983), p. 15. 5 Horowitz, The Anarchists, p. 16. 6 ‘Anarchism’ in Nigel Ashford and Stephen Davies (eds), A Dictionary of Conservative and Libertarian Thought (London, 1991), pp. 4–7, p. 5. 7 Democracy and its Critics (New Haven, 1989), pp. 43, 46. 8 Superman and Common Men (Harmondsworth, 1972), p. 18. 26 Living Without Domination that he believes the tradition from Godwin onwards to be implicated in this wild romanticism. His evidence in fact consists of unsupported claims about the elitist psychology of individual anarchists and a few, out-of-context quotations.

Claims that anarchists think like this have often been used to ground criticism. ’7 Benjamin Barber attacks anarchists because ‘their view of actual men is wildly romanticized. ’8 Barber directs this attack specifically against twentieth-century American anarchists like Abbie Hoffman, but is explicit 1 David Morland, Demanding the Impossible? Human nature and politics in nineteenthcentury social anarchism (London, 1997), p. vii. 2 Joll, The Anarchists, p. 16. , p. 6. 4 A Dictionary of Political Thought (London, 1983), p.

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