By Stefano Ceri

The subject of good judgment programming and databases. has won in­ creasing curiosity in recent times. a number of occasions have marked the fast evolution of this box: the choice, by means of the japanese 5th new release venture, of Prolog and of the relational information version because the foundation for the advance of latest laptop archi­ tectures; the focusing of study in database thought on common sense queries and on recursive question processing; and the pragmatic, application-oriented improvement of professional database platforms and of knowledge-base structures. therefore, an incredible volume of labor has been produced within the contemporary literature, coupled with the spontaneous development of numerous complex tasks during this region. The objective of this ebook is to provide a scientific assessment of a speedily evolving self-discipline, that's almost immediately no longer defined with a similar method in different books. We intend to introduce stu­ dents and researchers to this new self-discipline; therefore we use a undeniable, instructional sort, and supplement the outline of algorithms with examples and routines. we try to accomplish a stability be­ tween theoretical foundations and technological matters; hence we current a cautious advent to the hot language Datalog, yet we additionally concentrate on the effective interfacing of good judgment programming formalisms (such as Prolog and Datalog) with huge databases.

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Prolog Engine The Prolog engine is a Prolog system capable of executing Prolog goals. Though with the coupling approach we do not expect to change the basic behavior of the Prolog engine (depth-first search strategy, unification, and backtracking), Prolog engines might have enhanced features in order to adapt to the proposed database environment. a) Some Prolog systems provide fast access methods in main memory for searching and accessing a large number of facts with the same format; these techniques include sophisticated indexing and hashing mechanisms.

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2. 2. Consider the following queries to the database: a) We want to know all students who received an A in 1987. 1 Overview of Relational Databases 21 b) We want to know the name and grade of all students who have taken an exam in one of the courses administered by the Computer Science department. OF FERING)) The answer to this query is the following: STUDENT GRADE Jones A Smith B Notice that the natural join between EXAM and OFF ERI NG corresponds to the formula COURSE = COURSE 1\ YEAR = YEAR, involving the two attributes with the same name in the two operand relations.

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