By D. Catovsky (auth.), Georges Mathé, Irène Florentin, Marie-Christine Simmler (eds.)

Fresh dwelling Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BeG), injected i.v. into (C57BI/ 6xDBA/2)FI mice, activated peritoneal macrophages rendering them hugely cytotoxic for tumor cells in vitro. This cytotoxic job w~s already maximal 14 days after injection of one mg of BCG and remained good whilst three or five mg of BCG got. even as spleen cells of the BCG-treat~d mice confirmed strongly depressed responses to the T-cell mitogens,PHA and Con A, without reference to the dose of BCG injected. The inhibitory impression was once proven to be mediated by way of suppressor cells which had features of macrophages due to the fact they can be got rid of by means of carbonyl iron and magnet therapy and have been adherent to plastic. unlike it was once saw after injec­ tion of one mg of BCG, those suppressor cells by myself didn't account for the melancholy of T-cell re.sponses caused via larger doses of BCG. Nylon-nonadherent mobilephone populations got from spleen cells handled with three or five mg BCG partly retained the inhibitory job suggesting that suppressor T cells have been additionally caused after injection of excessive doses of BCG. by contrast, the responses to the B-cell mitogen LPS of unfractionated and macrophage-depleted spleen cells weren't affected or considerably better looking on the dose of BCG injected.

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C) Tumor cells in vitro stimulate the T cells to maintain and even strongly increase the CTL activity of the whole culture (27). On the other hand, in the absence of stimulating tumor cells the CT~activity rapidly decreases. Macrophages pl~y a role in the stimulation but they are not the effector cells (27). This increased activity of CTL is in opposition with the decreased sensitivity of tumor cells, so that it can be relatively masked if the cytolysis is measured with the initially cultured tumor cells.

III. Studies by mixed lymphocyte. Tumor reaction. Int. ~. Cancer 1£, 233 (1973) 26. : Cell-mediated anti-tumor immunity in oncornaviruses-induced tumors: specific cytostasis of tumor cells by spleen and lymph node cells. Int. J. Cancer 14, 386 (1974) 27. : Secondary specific immune response in vitro to MSV tumor cells. Int. J. Cancer 16, 946 (1975) 28. : Antigenic specificities of the cell-mediated anti-tumor reactions in the MSV system studied by the secondary chromium release test. Int. J. Cancer 16, 960 (1975) 29.

Effect of allogeneic cell interaction on the primary immune response in vitro. Cell types involved in suppression and stimulation of antibody synthesis. Clin. expo Immunol. 12, 365 (1972) -51. : Immunobiology of the tumor-host relationship. p. 125 52. : Macrophage regulation of DNA synthesis in lymphoid cells: effects of a soluble factor from macrophages. Cell. Immunol. ~, 142 (1973) 40 Chapter 6 Cell-Membrane Activation of Macrophage Function P. C. WILKINSON MACROPHAGE ACTIVATION During the lifetime of any cell, the cell's activity varies from one time to the next as the function which it serves are called on by the body.

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