By Bertrand Richert, Nilton Di Chiacchio, Marie Caucanas, Nilton Gioia Di Chiacchio

This publication discusses all healing suggestions concerning ingrowing toenails, from conservative to surgical procedure. No unmarried process is promoted, yet a rational method in accordance with the scientific presentation is proposed. The authors have a large event in nail surgical procedure and grasp all released techniques. during this e-book they give to the reader an set of rules of the administration of ingrowing nails, as there is not any “cure-all” procedure.​

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Acta Anaesthesiol Scand. 1995;39:765–8. 50. Hamelin ND, St-Amand H, Lalonde DH, Harris PG, Brutus JP. Decreasing the pain of finger block injection: level II evidence. Hand (NY). 2013;8(1):67–70. 51. Dialynas M, Hollingsworth S, Cooper D, Barker S. Use of a needleless injection system for digital ring block anesthesia. J Am Pod Med Assoc. 2003;93:23–6. 52. Salashe S. Surgery, chap 19. In: Scher RK, Daniel CD, editors. Nails: therapy, diagnosis and surgery. Philadelphia: Saunders; 1990. p. 258–80.

The great toenail is deviated laterally and the lesser toenails medially Pincer nail can be due to hereditary or acquired factors. Hereditary overcurvature is symmetric in the most part of the cases and there is a positive history family. The nails of big toes exhibit a lateral deviation while the lesser toes show medial deviation (Fig. 16) [2]. Acquired transverse overcurvature on toes or digits is not symmetric and may be mainly due to improper footwear but also to other causes such as psoriasis [2], nail tumours such as subungual exostosis, myxoid cyst or implantation cyst [12], onychomycosis [13], trauma, nail avulsion etc.

24a). This is the most useful in routine nail surgery as it acts immediately. The injection site is at a point about 1 cm proximal and lateral to the junction of the proximal nail fold and the lateral nail fold. 5 mL of anesthetic is slowly deposited. Resistance to injection suggests that the needle tip has penetrated some fibrous tissue such as ligament 24 a 1 Basics b Fig. 24 Distal digital block Fig. 25 Position of the finger of the surgeon evaluating the dilation from the anesthetic into the pulp or the periosteum.

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