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MATLAB Mathematical research is a reference booklet that provides the concepts of mathematical research via examples and workouts resolved with MATLAB software program. the aim is to provide you examples of the mathematical research capabilities provided via MATLAB for you to use them on your day-by-day paintings whatever the software. The publication supposes right education within the arithmetic and so provides the fundamental wisdom required in an effort to use MATLAB for calculational or symbolic options in your difficulties for an enormous volume of MATLAB features. The booklet starts through introducing the reader to using numbers, operators, variables and features within the MATLAB setting. Then it delves into operating with complicated variables. a wide part is dedicated to operating with and constructing graphical representations of curves, surfaces and volumes. MATLAB services permit operating with two-dimensional and 3-dimensional pics, statistical graphs, curves and surfaces in particular, implicit, parametric and polar coordinates. extra paintings implements twisted curves, surfaces, meshes, contours, volumes and graphical interpolation.

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Also find the number N which divided by 16, 24, 30 and 32 yields a remainder of 5. The first part of the problem is resolved as follows: >> rem(2^134,3) Ans = 0 It is observed that 2134 is a multiple of 3. info Chapter 2 ■ Numbers, Operators, Variables and Functions Note that 17 is one of its factors, so then it is divisible by 17. To resolve the last part of the problem, we calculate the least common multiple of all the numbers and add 5. >> N = 5+lcm(16,lcm(24,lcm(30,32))) N = 485 Exercise 2-5 Calculate the value of 100 factorial.

Chapter 2 ■ Numbers, Operators, Variables and Functions x(a:p:b) Returns the elements of the vector x located between the a-th and the b-th elements, both inclusive, but separated by units where a < b. ]) Defines the subarray of A formed by the intersection of rows a, b, c,... and columns e, f, g,... ]) Defines the subarray of A formed by all the rows from A and columns c, d, e,... ],:) Defines the subarray of A formed by all the columns in A and rows a, b, c,... ] Defines the matrix formed by the subarrays A, B, C,...

The sixth element 2. Its elements located between the fourth and the seventh both inclusive 3. Its elements located between the second and the ninth both including three by three 4. The elements of the number 3, but major to minor >> x =(1:10) x = 1 2 >> x (6) Ans = 6 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 We have obtained the sixth element of the vector x. >> x(4:7) Ans = 4 5 6 7 We have obtained the elements of the vector x located between the fourth and the seventh, both inclusive. >> x(2:3:9) Ans = 2 5 8 We have obtained the elements of the vector x located between the second and ninth, both inclusive, but separated by three in three units.

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