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Terrific ebook for enthusiastic undergraduate scholars to get the fundamentals of Quantum thought from a phenomenological viewpoint

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2 eV. According to eq. 6), the maximum kinetic energy of the emitted electrons is equal to the difference of the photon energy and the work function of the metal. 9 eV. 1 The Particle Model of Light Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his theory of the photoelectric effect in 1921. His theory, which raised a good deal of controversy in its time, was based on the premise that a radiation field interacting with matter could be considered as a collection of photons. Further evidence that light consists of photons is provided by the optical spectra of atoms.

5 As we might expect, hydrogen, which is the lightest atom, emits the simplest spectra. An electric discharge in hydrogen gas produces a visible spectrum consisting of four lines between the red and violet arranged in obvious regularity. The wavelengths of these four lines are shown in Fig. 3. Once the wavelengths emitted by hydrogen in the visible region had been determined, a number of unsuccessful attempts were made to provide a formula for the wavelengths using the idea that the frequencies should be related like the harmonics of a classical oscillating system.

17) to eliminate the velocity of the electron and solve for r. To do this, we first multiply eq. 1 The Particle Model of Light and we then square eq. 17) giving (mv)2 r 2 = n2 2 . Substituting the expression for (mv)2 given by eq. 18) into this last equation and solving for r, we obtain the following equation for the radius of the Bohr orbits: r = n2 4π 0 2 . 19) In the Bohr model, the integer n can have the values n = 1, 2, . . The radius of the smallest orbit, which corresponds to the ground state of hydrogen, is called the Bohr radius and is denoted by a0 .

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