By Herman Szymanski

With the advance lately of NMR spectrometers in a position to recording with at least attempt information which are either exact and reproducible, a necessity has arisen for spectra catalogs and information books to help the researcher. the facility to correlate a spectrum to a precalibrated chart adequately (to inside zero. 02 ppm) has made chemical shift, in addition to the nature of the spectral traces produced, an more and more vital instrument in configurational analysis-a device which this e-book is designed to enrich. it truly is recognized that the chemical shift of a proton might be encouraged via atoms up to 5 or 6 carbons away, a truth of serious value to compound id. The entries during this e-book, prepared in accordance with proton setting, let the researcher with a hypo­ thetical constitution already proposed for his unknown quick to find examples of compounds having related buildings. An index of molecular formulation and a shift index, which should still turn out invaluable in hypothesizing trade buildings for the unknown and in testing the hypotheses, have additionally been supplied. the information accrued symbolize a few 4800 shifts from the spectra of approximately 1200 compounds that seem within the catalogs of Varian affiliates, Sadtler study Laboratories, and the yankee Petroleum Institute, whose cooperation is gratefully stated. The alphanumerical code that's the foundation of our presentation, and the reason of its use, are borrowed intact from the NMR Spectra Catalog of Varian affiliates, for whose permission to exploit this fabric we're in particular grateful.

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42 Peak 2A 2A IA 2A 3C ~ I-Cab (dlCH. *O,

87 Peak 3A 4A (a) CH 3 CHZ-NH-CHZ-CH. HllN . 50 ml CDCI, Shift I-Bo (b) (0) OCH 2 CH. 82 /CHZ-CH. ,O,s1 22 I 2. 0 'CH 2 (b) CH. & (d) CH 3 .. 7%CDCl. 36 OH(e) 4A lA lA ..... CHi'-. CH2"-. OH CH 3 0..... ::::::. ". OH {6- "II. 7% CDCt. a b c (0) 0 II .. lIuo. 50 ml CDCI, .. CsHuNO Peak h .. 50 ml CDCl, .. 12 3A IA Q 4A (e) (d) H (b) I CH 3- N \ (e) (0) ,l-O-CH-CH 'I 2 3 0 .. 12 (0) . 50 m1 CDCl, • S 247 Shift 1-8q 0 (0) (e) (d) (e) (b) CH-(CH )-CH-C-OCH-CH 3 24 2 2 3 II .. 1-1lq • 0 II 3A 3A IA 2A 2A S 4A 4A • V 277 I-Bq " • C,H,No, ..

Liquid .. API 34 .. 19 Peak 3C II II 3C ~ 1-81 • a (b) (d) (a) HC 3\ I .. a ~ 1-81 .. 08 • API 430 N N 1·81 ~ ~a (b) H3C \ / .. 80 S S S Peak 3C 5B ~ (e) ee) H H \ - / H(b) ~ ,/ / b c d e H(a) .. liquid ~ /H(d) l=\(e) CH -CH (a) (e)H ~ z .. 9 . 37 3A 5A IF ~ ~ ... 30 .. IO%CCI. ~CH(d) ~ . -/)Hz(e) .. CaHu. AP135 20 .. 33%CCI, Peak 3A 2E 5B S S "API 154 C (e)H 2 .. CeRu 0 5B \(el IO%CCI, I-BI \H 3(b) b c d e (e) (a) lH 2CH 3 'c=c .. API 29 b c d e Peak 3C .. 07 / = C = C \ (bl (a) H CH zCH 3 ..

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