By William R. Sanford

Red Cloud was once the good leader of the Oglala Sioux. He was once the one local American leader to ever win a warfare opposed to the USA govt. starting in 1863, white settlers and gold miners swarmed over the Bozeman path which minimize in the course of the looking grounds of the Sioux in Wyoming and Montana. pink Cloud discovered his humans have been at risk. while the U.S. military started to construct forts alongside the path, difficulty all started.

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Two Arrows began to train to become a warrior. When he was thirteen, Two Arrows went on his first buffalo hunt. He did not seek out the small calves. Two Arrows’s first arrow pierced the shoulders of a large bull. When the bull charged, Two Arrows’s second shot killed it. The older hunters praised his skill and bravery. com, a division of Getty Images. All rights reserved. The buffalo provided the Sioux with its skin for robes and covers for tipis, with its horns to make cups and tools, glue from its ground-up hooves, sinews provided thread and bow strings, and sun-dried strips of buffalo meat became jerky.

It was trimmed with painted designs. Outside Willow Woman placed Red Cloud’s eagle feather war bonnet on a rack. Each feather stood for a brave deed. Many evenings Red Cloud said his prayers with friends. The smoke from his red clay pipe made Red Cloud feel closer to the Great Spirit. Red Cloud had many chances to prove he was brave. He also captured many horses on raids against the Crows and Utes. The Oglala measured wealth by the number of horses a person owned. Red Cloud often shared his wealth with those who had less.

188. Chapter 9 1. : Garrard, 1975), pp. 70–71. 2. Dorothy Johnson, The Bloody Bozeman (New York: McGraw- Hill, 1971), p. 311. Glossary agency—The site of government offices on a reservation. band—A subdivision of a tribe, sometimes only a few dozen in number. chief—A leader of a band or tribe; often a chief was limited to a specific role, such as leadership in war. council—A meeting of the adults in a tribe; all warriors had the right to express their opinions. medicine man—A Native American priest.

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