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Write an equation and find the answer. © Saddleback Educational Publishing • On the Job 37 Unit 3 • Community Service 21CLM_B3_ i-iv,001-052_AppMath_B3_ i-iv,001-052 11/5/10 10:05 AM Page 38 Unit 3 Review Review What You Learned In this unit you have used mathematics to solve many problems. You have used mental math and estimation, ratios and proportions, statistics and probability, various measurements (standard and metric), practiced basic operations, and solved equations. These two pages give you a chance to review the mathematics you used and check your skills.

You may consider car pooling or taking the bus or the subway. If you have a car, you think about the cost of keeping it on the road. As you make choices, you will often use math. The math skills you use include mental math and estimation, basic operations and equations, statistics and probability, ratios and proportions, and making measurements (standard and metric). What You Will Do in This Unit In this unit, math steps demonstrate how to solve problems. These steps can help you answer questions such as these: You live an hour from work.

This month, the median of the number of hours that she donates is 3 hours a day. 5 hours. What is the least and the most number of hours a day that she donates? Mark each number on the number line. 4. Paul volunteers to work an extra day at the library so Celeste can help her mother. He gets there a half-hour early and stays a quarter-hour late. Celeste normally works 6 hours. How many hours does Paul work? Answer: ____________ ✰ Challenge Problem You may want to talk this one over with a partner.

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